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Front Line News.
Yesterday Ukraine lost another son. Russia’s forces killed 25 year old soldier Anton Bezverkhyi. Anton is seen here with mother of two Yana Chervona, who Russia killed on April 2nd. Yesterday, occupation forces opened up 11 times, with their firing also wounding 2 Ukrainian soldiers. Their firing attacks are reported as continuing into today.


People want peace not Putin’s propaganda parades.
The Kremlin & Russia’s propaganda would have you believe that every Ukrainian living in Russia’s puppet Donetsk and Luhansk republics don’t want to be part of Ukraine. That they’re 100% behind the republics and each and everyone of them ardently supports the republics leaderships.

Now if that were true, why do those republics keep grossly exaggerating the support of the people? Cue May 9th and the big and much hyped Victory Day parades. With lots of freshly painted tanks and around 1,800 soldiers in shiny new Russian uniforms parading around in the cities of Donetsk and Luhansk, Russia’s republics would have you believe that anywhere from “tens of thousands” to “about 100,000 residents” watched and took part in the days events. With the two cities having a joint population of approx 1.3 million, those are credible figures.


However as usual, the figures are taken straight off the fiction shelf. The OSCE report just 12 to 13,000 people watched the military parades and only 5,000 and not 100,000 took part in the “Immortal Regiment” march in Donetsk. With many soldiers and those working for the republics within the crowds, this is another pitifully low turn out. It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say there’s almost as many soldiers involved as genuine civilians.

Does this indicate the majority of people don’t want to be part of Russia’s republics? Probably. At the very least it shows people want peace, not propaganda parades.
DPR fake

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OSCE People
Link to OSCE report.

Staying with May 9th and Donetsk city.
I was struck by these two photos. They encapsulate Russia’s future and current cannon fodder soldiers. A little boy wearing a military uniform holds an image of the assassinated Donetsk people’s republic leader Alexander Zakharchenko. Meanwhile a one legged soldier wearing a Russian uniform hobbles along on crutches.



Staying with children in military uniforms.
Over the last few months Russia’s republics having been trying to raise a “Young Guard – Young Army.” The sight of grown men making grandiose speeches about patriotism to young, impressionable children is one history has seen before.
So-called Donetsk people’s republic web page on their “Young Guard.”

With talk of a “patriotic movement” and children told to make “solemn oaths of allegiance,” one can’t help but be struck by the comparison with the Hitler Youth and Nazi Germany’s indoctrinated youth. As we know, a good many of the Hitler Youth died because of a crazed dictators, bloody world war. Now eastern Ukraine’s 5 year war is on a much smaller scale, but Russia’s current dictators manipulation of children is apparently becoming no less fervent than Hitler’s.

Hitler with his own Hitler Youth, “Young Guard.”

Pictures below showing uniformed children in occupied Donetsk city.



Adding to the male orientated indoctrination, the sexist use of a high heeled shoe on the flag of the girls unit is revealing. 


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