Russia’s Propaganda Against Ukraine’s Army

First of my videos looking at how Russia spreads disinformation about the Ukrainian army. As you might imagine, everyday Russia and its puppet Donetsk and Luhansk republics, pour out a steady stream of disinformation. This all done in an effort to discredit Ukraine’s military forces and convince people that they’re ill-disciplined and eager to kill civilians in the occupied region of eastern Ukraine.

A Firm Fake News favorite, is the often repeated claim the Ukrainian army is about to launch a “massive offensive.” Over the last few years, Russia’s claimed this so many times, that its like someone is simply pressing a propaganda button and out pops another rehashed, offensive story. All they do is change the date.

Naturally, Russia nor its republics in occupied Ukraine, have never once published any credible or verifiable evidence to back up their ludicrous impending “Blitzkrieg Offensive” claims. And naturally Ukraine has never launched an offensive.

The video also gives an insight into Russia’s propaganda use of social media, notably YouTube and Twitter.  Please watch the video and all subscriptions, views, likes and comments are most welcome. Thank you.

Some screen shots from the video detailing Russia’s imaginary offensives.

offesive 4

offensive 1

offensive 2

offesive 5

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