A few items of news.

Front Line.
Over the last few days things have been a little quieter on the Russian occupation front.
Russia’s forces have once again eased back on their use of mortar fire and overall their firing attacks are less frequent. Ukrainian soldiers are however still getting wounded, with 3 on Tuesday and 1 yesterday.

Now call me cynical, but they’ll soon increase their attacks again, just as soon as the Kremlin needs the next installment of their tired, anti-Ukraine propaganda.

Video from the front line town of Avdiivka. This is one of the most deadly places for Ukrainian soldiers to serve, as Russia’s forces fire on them every single day.

Ukraine has a new President.
On Monday Volodymyr Zelensky was inaugurated. He’s spoken about doing much more to reach out to Ukrainians in occupied Crimea and eastern Ukraine. To let the people know they are not forgotten. This is good, as previously little effort has been put into this important issue.

There’s also talk about considering putting any potential peace deal with Russia to a public referendum as well as a vote in parliament. So it’s watch this space time.


Can’t buy a Porsche.
One of my before and after images. Top picture shows the already damaged Porsche dealership. Located near the Donetsk city airport, it was looted then eventually shelled into oblivion during Russia’s forces attempts to capture the airport in 2014/15.

Porche 1

Porche 2
Sept 2017: Porsche showroom is a mere pile of rubble, as is the Mitsubishi showroom next to it.

Will Russia Send planes into Occupied Ukraine?
Interesting post by Inside Donetsk. On Russian social media they report the official news from Russia’s so-called Donetsk people’s republic (DPR). Below they claim the DPR has “issued a license for the production and testing of aircraft.” It’s worth keeping an eye on to see how this pans out, but it’s probably more to do with the Kremlin’s continued hyping up and fake news reporting on stuff being made in the occupied territories. In an effort to claim the area is a thriving industrial manufacturing hub, we’ve already had stories of buses and trams being made in Donetsk. However, both forms of transport were found to be have been made in Russia.

And talking of hyping up stuff.
Note the number of workers the DPR claims work at this Aviatech plant. May 2019: 2000 workers. April 2019: Over 2,500 workers. The likelihood is there will be a few hundred at most.

planes 1

planes 2

With eastern Ukraine now reported as one of the most mine contaminated regions in the world, I thought I’d show you these two images. Taken by an OSCE UAV, they show 160 mines in just two fields. Along the 487km front line, most fields have been heavily mined by both sides. This makes the work of farmers an unenviable one, with many a farmer having been killed and wounded whilst working on their land.

Woods and paths are no mine free haven. To deter infantry attacks and enemy patrols, these are home to a plethora of anti-personnel mines and various lethal forms of booby traps. Be you a soldier or civilian, if a bullet or shell doesn’t kill you, there’s every chance a mine will.



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