Russia’s Massed Hardware in Ukraine inc 105 Tanks


With Google Earth having updated over eastern Ukraine, yesterday I thought I’d pay some of Russia’s military bases a visit.

West of the occupied city of Luhansk, there are 4 bases at Kruhlyk, Myrne (near Yasne), Buhaivka & Shymshynivka. Google Earth dates of April 26th & 29th 2018, reveal there are at least 470 military vehicles mostly combat vehicles within them, including around 70 tanks.

Now this is just the hardware we can see out in the open. With several large military bases elsewhere housing hundreds of additional vehicles and more seen and hidden along the 487km front line, it’s clear Russia has thousands of pieces of hardware spread out all over eastern Ukraine.

Map showing location of bases.

On May 14th, the OSCE spotted 73 tanks in these bases, with a total of 105 seen in the surrounding Luhansk area. This along with 51 pieces of artillery & 7 surface-to-air missile systems. OSCE report.
OSCE tanks

base 1

base 3

base 4

base 2

Map 1
Wider Map showing Luhansk city.

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