Russia’s Picture Propaganda Isn’t Improving

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Front Line News:
The lull in fighting was short-lived. Very short-lived. Yesterday Russia’s forces went back to their killing ways, with 1 Ukrainian soldier killed and another wounded. Friday saw a heavy day of fighting. Total of 17 firing attacks launched, three of which used mortars. Once again Russia’s doing their now well established practice of swapping the intensity of their fire between regions. Currently the Donetsk Oblast (province) is on the receiving end of the majority of Russia’s lead, but they’ll soon swap over to Luhansk again.
Today’s Ukrainian military report.

English translated video on Ukrainian soldiers defending the town of Avdiivka.
Well worth watching to get a feel for the daily routine for Ukrainian soldiers and the lethal daily dangers endured whilst holding the line.

Russia’s Propaganda via Texas USA.
No prizes for guessing Russia’s propaganda is already straining every sinew to discredit Ukraine’s new president Zelensky. Russia’s Donetsk republic is no straining exception. Driving the message home, yesterday they felt the need to use a 2016 picture of the US National Guard in Texas America. For them it’s all about the unrelated image catching the eye. And Ukraine wasn’t “bombarding” anything for 2 hours.

fake 2
fake 1
Link to the 2016 Business Insider picture article.

Convicted Criminals Want to Serve their Time in Ukraine.
One of the many oddities thrown up by Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine was carried out yesterday. From occupied Luhansk, 57 men and 3 women crossed over to Ukraine held territory. These are convicted criminals who were imprisoned before the conflict started. All said they would prefer to serve their time in Ukraine, rather than the occupied territory.




Russia’s Donetsk republic social media post.

Russian Military Planes in Occupied Ukraine.
It is refreshing to see military hardware in Ukraine which Russia hasn’t sent there since 2014. This impressive array of fighters, bombers and helicopters, is an old museum display of Soviet and Russian aircraft. It’s located on the edge of the unused airport in the occupied city of Luhansk.

planes 4

planes 3

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