Conflict News & Russia’s Propaganda Caught Lying About OSCE (Again)

It’s a Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK, and so naturally it’s raining.
So whilst I’m skulking indoors, here’s some news.

Front Line:
After a heavy spell of intense firing, Russia’s forces are keeping their heads down again. On Sunday they only launched 3 firing attacks, using heavy/light machine guns & grenade launchers. But right on cue, today, they’ve perked up and opened fire using their mortars. No Ukrainian casualties reported yesterday.

Graphic below details Ukrainian army casualties for May 13th to 26th.
3 soldiers killed and 17 wounded, via 150 Russia’s forces firing attacks.

Russia’s Propaganda Caught Lying about the OSCE again.

As a good rule of thumb, if someone keeps lying, then they must have something to hide.

Seen below, every two weeks, the OSCE produce a fortnightly status report.
This can be viewed here in English, Russian and Ukrainian. Report covers, number of ceasefire violations (firing), heavy weapons seen within agreed withdrawal lines, use of heavy weapons, civilian casualties etc.

For May 6th to 19th.
OSCE observed increase in firing with around 7,000 ceasefire violations compared to around 4,000 in prev 2 weeks. As the OSCE daily reports indicates, this is firing from both sides.

They also noted 1,000 instances of heavy weapons usage by both sides. Weapons which should have been withdrawn due to the agreed Minsk agreement. They also observed 277 (heavy) weapons “in violation of the agreed withdrawal lines.” They clearly state 216 of the 277 were seen in “areas not controlled by the government,” meaning Russia’s forces weapons.

Well that all seems clear.
But… if you read the below Fort Russ News article, you’d be forgiven for thinking the 1,000 cases of heavy weapon use and all 277 heavy weapons seen on or near the front line, were Ukrainian.

Russia's propaganda

Note the premise of the fake news article is all about trying to discredit Ukraine’s newly elected president Zelensky. The additional disinformation angle is the Kremlin’s on-going propaganda aim, of trying to show Ukraine as the aggressor and not its forces in eastern Ukraine.

Contrast what Fort Russ News say, compared to the OSCE…
“In the second week of May, illegal weapons were used by Ukrainian forces which should have long ago been withdrawn in accordance with the Minsk agreements (about 1,000 cases). In total, from May 6 to 19, observers recorded 277 weapons deployed in violation of the agreement.”

In an effort to convince you Ukraine’s responsible for the increase in firing violations, they’ve attributed all the heavy weapons usage and observed heavy weapons as being Ukrainian. Typically with all their articles, they never post a link to OSCE reports, because they don’t want people to read the truth, or know Fort Russ News is making stuff up for the motherland.
propaganda works 2
Note the heavy use of Twitter hashtags to spread this disinformation.

Lastly, you can’t but help smile about what this Serbian based fake news specialists have written on their Twitter a/c – Russia War News & More – Read what Russia Reads!  Which means Russians don’t get to read the truth.


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