Nature Reveals Russia’s Forces & Bad Kremlin Jokes

Snippets of news from the front.

Front Line
The good news is, Sunday and Monday, no Ukrainian military casualties reported.
Bad news is, Russia’s forces still banging away along the 487km front line, with Donetsk region still suffering the most of their recent attacks.

Latest English spoken Ukrainian Military Report.
May 27th to June 2nd.
Six Ukrainian soldiers wounded from 72 Russia’s Forces firing attacks.

It has to be said, Ukraine’s situation videos (below) are dull as dishwater. To get a decent increase in views and media attending their briefings, they are in desperate need of re-energising. Need to use video footage, images and a less repetitive, bland script. If Ukraine wants to draw attention to Russia’s military actions, it really needs to up its information output game.

Those Russian Jokes Keep Coming.
Yesterday, Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs said: Russia’s “…emphatically opposed the use of force and any forms of interference in the domestic affairs of Venezuela or ANY OTHER STATE.”  I guess Lavrov forgot Russia’s occupying Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Along with a good deal of Georgia.


Hot Work for Ukraine’s Front Line Pooches.
Last week a staggering 266,000 people & 33,000 vehicles passed through Ukraine’s front line checkpoints. Military service dogs play a vital role in sniffing out explosives & all manor of dodgy things. More on Face Book.



Nature Reveals Russia’s Forces.
Sometimes it’s hard not to miss Russia’s military activity in eastern Ukraine.
Close to the border town of Krasnyi Luch, Russia’s built one of several large, military bases. Established in 2015, it’s home to around 200 combat vehicles, inc tanks, artillery, armoured fighting infantry vehicles and transport trucks. It’s also used as a transit hub for Russian military units and supplies exiting and entering Ukraine.
Coordinates: 48 2 54.74 N 38 57 40.06 E.

army 1
The effects of the constant toing and froing of large numbers of military vehicles are easily seen on satellite imagery. Leading from the base, these April 2018 images show the frequently used vehicle tracks have cut deep into the sandy earth.

Handily, such well used tracks show us where they lead to and from, including hardware hidden in woods and buildings. So you could say Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine is visible from space.

Army 2

Army 3
Wider shot of the base and the vehicle tracks. Left is towards Krasnyi Luch.
The Russian border is just 20km away.

Close-up of the base. Typically, it has a large vehicle park surrounded by an ditch and high earth bank. Top right are the barracks and ancillary buildings. Like all the larger bases, it also has a live firing range and training area.

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