Russia’s Forces Kill 3 Ukrainian Soldiers & OSCE on Russian Army entering Ukraine

Tragically, 3 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and a further three wounded.
Two killed yesterday and one this morning. On Tuesday, Russia’s forces used an anti-tank guided missile to hit a military truck, killing 2 soldiers and wounding a third. This suggests they moved forward beyond their lines and lay in wait. Truck was reported as carrying food. The third soldier died today during Russia’s forces early morning shelling.

Overall yesterday, Russia’s forces opened up 16 times. with 3 firing attacks using heavy mortars. A further 4 attacks were reported in the 7am situation report.

Situation report for yesterdays firing shows the Donetsk Oblast (province) marked in yellow, is still on the receiving end of most of these provocation attacks. To the north, Luhansk in blue is receiving less lethal attention. This utterly pointless firing is purely designed to provoke a heavy Ukrainian response. Russia hopes Ukrainian civilians in their occupied regions will be hit by Ukrainian fire. Cue Russia’s propaganda saying Ukraine’s army deliberately targets civilians, bla, bla, bla.


More Evidence of the Russian Army Crossing into Ukraine.
The OSCE daily report posted June 4th, detailed several incidents of military vehicles seen within Ukraine, near the Russian border. Off the top of my head, this would make for the 9th time, the OSCE has observed military convoys crossing the border, or in these two instances, military vehicles which have almost certainly crossed into Ukraine.

This time the convoys were seen in Ukraine’s Luhansk Oblast (province). Previously they’ve been observed in the Donetsk Oblast. Well worth noting: Inside Russia and just 28km east of the border area mentioned by the OSCE, is the very large Russian army base at Kamensk-Shakhtinsky. 

Night of May 30th to June 1st:
Via long-range UAV: On a dirt track road, two military trucks were seen near the isolated Ukrainian village of Cheremshyne, about 2km west of the border. These were then joined by another military truck and a car.

Convoy then drove to the outskirts of Luhansk city and a military compound. Once there, the OSCE observed 4 people unloading items from the trucks. The compound had 35 military trucks and an armoured personnel carrier within it.

Map 2
Village of Cheremshyne. Russian border marked by yellow line on the right. 

Night of June 2nd to 3rd.
Via long-range UAV: In the same area and same dirt track, OSCE spotted a stationary car (SUV-type). roughly 150m west of the border and a military-type truck about 900m further west. Importantly both were facing west, giving a good indication they’ve driven across the border. About two hours later, another military-type truck was seen driving west on the same dirt track, away from the border. This truck and the car then continued towards a bus station in Dovzhansk (formerly Sverdlovsk), where a third vehicle (assessed as a probable military-type truck) joined the convoy. The convoy then proceeded to an area 2km east of Verkhnoshevyrivka, 44km south-east of Luhansk city.

May 19th: OSCE also observed, previous soil, road blocks on the aforementioned dirt road, had been removed. May 29th: They also witnessed car tracks leading towards the border.

Copy of the OSCE report.

My video above details some of the previous OSCE sightings of military vehicles crossing the back and forth into Ukraine via Russia. These are without question Russian military convoys and almost certainly carried ammunition. Video includes OSCE video footage and imagery.

mapDuring Russia’s initial invasion from July 2014, several border crossings points were created around the village of Cheremshyne. As you can see, the area is remote and underpopulated, which makes crossing here ideal.



  1. Please continue the great work that you are doing. Someone has to document what’s going on in the War Russia is waging against Ukraine. It’s disgraceful that the rest of the free world just sits & does nothing and to add insult some people claim to be suffering from “Ukraine fatigue”. As a Ukrainian-American the inaction of Trump is disheartening. I often wish I was younger so I could go & fight for Ukrainian freedom & independence; growing up in America I often dreamed that one day such a thing would even be possible. Although I’m in good shape the truth is I’d probably be a burden to the Ukrainian troops there as I’m 63 years old. Although I did read a few years ago that there was a middle aged American who was over there fighting; I think he was about 50 or so. No, I’m afraid my warrior days are gone, all I can do is offer my support. I do what I can, mostly I identify and expose Russian trolls online. Twitter is infested with them as are many other sites. Anyway thanks again for everything you do.


    1. Many thanks for the support and comment Alex, it’s very much appreciated. Yes, Russia’s trolls, useful idiots and bots are all over social media, especially on Twitter and YouTube. To keep me campaigning and doing far more for Ukraine, donations are much appreciated. Just posted on how people can make a donation. Thanks again mate.


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