Russia’s Forces Kill 2 & Wound 10 Ukrainian Soldiers

Regrettably, Russia’s increased its provocation attacks. 
Ukraine’s military report lists 2 soldiers wounded on Thursday and 2 killed and 8 wounded today. Some reports state 4 soldiers killed today, but the official report only lists 2 killed. Tragically, two of the wounded may have subsequently died. We should get clarification on this tomorrow.

What we are seeing is Russia cynically hitting Ukrainian held areas hard, all in an effort to provoke a retaliatory response. People are dying and civilians suffering, simply to fuel Russia’s propaganda machine.

The area on the receiving end of much of the heavy shelling today, is around the town of Svitlodarsk, in the Donetsk Oblast (province). With the nearby occupied towns of Horlivka and Debaltseve in close proximity, this area has always been a front line hot spot. The grey line marks the Oblast border, with Luhansk Oblast on the right.

map 3

The soldiers killed and wounded today were defending the small town of Novoluhanske. New update reports detail Russia’s shelling is still continuing.

map 4
Russia’s forces front line positions are located near the green looking water, on the lower right side of the above image.

map 6
Aug 2017: Around yellow lines, Russia’s forces positions. Ukrainian positions are dug in along the tree line and wood on the far left. In the wood, they’re less than 250m apart. I’ve added the yellow lines to show you a good example of the WW1 style trench warfare which now pervades eastern Ukraine. In 2017 this line was a mere track.

map 7
April 2018: To give better cover to Russia’s forces infantry moving back and forth, the track has now become a long trench.

map 8
Close-up of the new trench. New trenches and military positions are fairly easy to spot. As seen above, the freshly dug earth piled up ether side of the trench, shows up as a much lighter colour.

Pictures below show damage to houses on June 6th.
No reports yet of civilian casualties, but we may get news on any when the OSCE publish their report later today.




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