Ukraine’s Bees & Chickens Lend a Helping Hand (wing)

With a five year long war raging in eastern Ukraine, you might be forgiven for wondering how bees and chickens can help alleviate the suffering?

Like all long-term conflicts, a major factor effecting those living in front line areas, is the loss of income, due to diminished employment opportunities and with shop closures, the lack of opportunities to buy food locally.

Humanitarian agencies like Ukraine’s Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), do their best to combat this dual problem. Small donations of equipment and livestock can go a long way to keeping people living and working in an area, as well as providing a valuable, low cost source of food. ICRC Twitter page for more info.

This week, 20 families in the village Mykolaivka took their first steps in honey production, while others were able to expand their bee farms. Grants enabled them to buy their bees, beehives, protective clothing & other tools. Honey can then be sold to generate extra income.



Mykolaivka is said to be well known for the production of honey. The knock on effect of this, is the need for beehives. Seen below, the ICRC provided Oleg with a grant to buy new tools. This will allow him to increase the quality and production of his work.



map 9
On Ukraine’s Azov Sea south coast, Mykolaivka is to the west of the city of Mariupol. East of the city lies the front line and Russia’s forces.

Be they cows, hens, or in this case chickens, providing families and people with livestock can have a real positive impact on their lives. Mykhailo’s received a ICRC grant enabling him buy an incubator and hatch 25 adorable chickens. He intends to give some of them to his children who live on the other side of the front line.

chickens 1

chickens 2

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