Russia’s Latest Fakery – “Western Advisers Kill Ukrainian Soldiers”

Here’s another Russian, Fake News Classic.
With numerous Ukrainian soldiers killed and wounded over the last few weeks, Russia’s propaganda is keen to claim its puppet republics aren’t responsible. The Kremlin’s on-going disinformation is centered around blaming Ukraine’s forces for all the shooting. So with casualties mounting, there’s a desperate need for them to make up ever more ludicrous excuses to explain how Ukrainian soldiers and civilians keep getting killed.

This post is also a good insight into how the Kremlin gets around YouTube’s labeling of channels as funded by the Russian government. In eastern Ukraine, Russia’s Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics (DPR & LPR), associated media and useful paid idiots, can post the worst type of fake news and endlessly promote hatred towards Ukraine, without fear of being labelled as connected with Russia.

How do we know Russia’s forces fire on & have recently killed Ukrainian soldiers?
How do we know Russia’s forces launch unprovoked attacks?
Because they keep posting videos of themselves doing just that. Social media is a wonderful thing and Russian social media is the place to go to find the evidence.

Below are just three videos posted on this VK account. The comments written with the videos and the jokey music, make it plain the killing of Ukrainian soldiers is considered fun. Video evidence is backed up by losses and circumstances reported by Ukraine’s military.

propaganda 2
June 6th: Moving Ukrainian truck hit by anti-tank guided missile.

propaganda 6
June 6th: Two Ukrainian soldiers hit whilst putting camouflage over a dug out.

propaganda 8
June 3rd: Another moving Ukrainian truck hit by anti-tank guided missile.

Russia’s we don’t fire angle.
May 26th:
Propagandist Russell Bentley fronted a video. From the US and living illegally in occupied eastern Ukraine, Bentley scraps a living by lying (badly) for the motherland. As we’ve seen time and again, he and other useful idiots pitch up on the front line and hey presto, instantly claim Ukraine’s forces have opened fire on them.

On cue, in Bentley’s video we hear gunfire. From the close proximity of it, it’s blindly obvious some of the firing is from Russia’s forces soldiers, but yet he claims it’s only Ukraine doing the shooting. Little doubt for the sake of the video, Russia’s forces have opened up, prompting any Ukrainian return fire.

In the video, Bentley says “We ain’t shooting back, but one of these days we will.” 

propaganda 1

A casual look at Google Earth, or time spent reading the daily OSCE reports on the fighting, show Russia’s forces do pretty much nothing else, but fire on Ukrainian positions defending Avdiivka. A fact backed up from countless videos, including older Bentley videos which show Russia’s forces firing on Avdiivka.

Avdiivka 1
Ukraine held town of Avdiivka, located on the edge of the occupied city of Donetsk. Situated in what was the towns industrial centre, the yellow box marks the major part of the towns front line.

Avdiivka 2
Russia’s forces positions are dug in along and under the dual carriageway on the right. Ukrainian positions are holding most of the buildings on the left.
Bentley is under the dual carriageway.

Avdiivka 3
Five years of Russian shelling has reduced the once thriving industrial centre and hundreds of houses grouped around it, to a rubble strewn wasteland. 

Back to those Foreign Advisers.
May 31st: Via the official LPR – TV and radio channel, a video was posted on YouTube. In it, a soldier claims foreign special forces have been ambushing and killing Ukrainian soldiers on the front line. This “in order to play off the sides to the conflict” and prompt Ukraine to mistakenly fire on Russia’s republics.

Was any evidence provided to back up this shocking revelation?

What we get is the usual cobbling together of old, unrelated photos and a story utterly devoid of credibility. If there was even a minuscule fraction of genuine proof, this would be a huge international news story, one which would rock Ukraine and send shock waves through the Ukrainian army. But there isn’t.

Yes, there are small contingents of foreign troops in Ukraine. For several years, these have openly trained the Ukrainian army and helped improve their professionalism. It’s this which Russia’s propaganda seeks to endlessly misrepresent. A good example of this is seen below. Amusingly in 2018, the DPR reported on the British SAS having been sent to kidnap “DPR officers” and “carry out sabotage acts in the Donbas.”

Was any evidence provided to back up these shocking revelations?

Was anyone kidnapped or anything sabotaged?

Dec 2018 SAS 2

Dec 2018 SAS

On Twitter, Donbas Insider helped spread the “Western advisers” story.
Based inside Russia’s Donetsk republic, they jokingly claim to be independent. As you might expect, no independent media or journalists operate inside occupied Ukraine.
rubbish 1

The LPR video below on “Western advisers.”
Pictures in the video show various foreign troops and military commanders on routine visits and training missions in Ukraine. They’ve simply gone on Google, found lots of uncontroversial images and bunged them in this video. Then fingers crossed, they hope some fools will believe their Russian twaddle on foreign soldiers, routinely killing Ukrainian soldiers.

It should be noted that the video breaks the YouTube user agreement. In an effort to generate hatred towards Ukraine, the intro uses Nazi symbols. I’ve reported this via YouTube, but doubt they’ll do anything about it.

fake news
The LPR video.

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