Russia’s Forces Kill 8 Ukrainian Soldiers

The last couple of weeks have been bloody.
Some eight Ukrainian soldiers killed and 29 wounded, some seriously.
The increased casualties are due to Russia’s forces increased use of mortars, anti-tank guided missiles and snipers.

Last couple of days has seen a high level of Russia’s forces firing attacks, but thankfully no Ukrainian military casualties reported. Over the weekend, the OSCE reported almost 1,000 explosions observed. 710 in the Luhansk region and 240 in Donetsk.

This June 6th video from Radio Svoboda, gives a flavour of life on the front line.
Opposite the occupied town of Horlivka, Ukrainian soldiers return fire. Virtually every single day for the last 5 years, Russia’s forces open fire along the 487km front line. The bulk of their firing is carried out during the hours of darkness. Ukraine’s army tries its best to ignore small arms fire, but will return sustained and heavy fire.

More Proof Russia’s Forces Provoke Ukrainian Fire.

Meanwhile, Russia’s puppet Donetsk people’s republic (DPR), has given us more evidence of Russia’s forces deliberately provoking Ukrainian return fire. June 8th, Inside Donetsk, who report the “official” DPR news on Russian social media, posted the below video. Shows 3 Ukrainian soldiers doing nothing more aggressive than walking. A Russian forces sniper shoots and presumably kills the man on the end.

This death or injury will have no doubt prompted some form of Ukrainian response. And so it goes on and on…  Translated from the Russian text. APU Means – Armed Forces of Ukraine.

fire 1

fire 2

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