Russia’s Propaganda shows Russian Army as Ukrainian “Separatists”

The need to find a eye-catching images via Google can have its drawbacks. 
A constant feature of Russia’s propaganda is the use of images featuring foreign countries soldiers/hardware (including the Russian army), as the Ukrainian army. Here, we have a more truthful side to this haphazard, picture propaganda. They’ve used a picture of the Russian army to represent Russia’s forces in Ukraine.

June 9th, our old bumbling friend – Inside Donetsk, posted the below picture. Used it to back up their claim of Russia’s Luhansk people’s republic (LPR) having shot down a Ukrainian UAV. Only downside, it’s a 2013 picture featuring the Russian army.

Inside Donetsk post the “official” news on Russian social media for Russia’s, Donetsk people’s republic (DPR).

plates 2

The 2013 Prima Media article. Details a competition between Russian Air Defense Troops.


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