Russia’s Forces Shelling Wounds 5 Family Members

On-going heavy shelling by Russia’s forces in Ukraine has started taking its deadly toll on civilians. Damage to houses and property is increasing along the 487km front line. So, little wonder men, women and children are now getting in the way of Russian shells and bullets.

Over the last few days, shelling has been continuous. Numbers of mortar and artillery shells fired fluctuates up and down, but firing from heavy/light machine guns and grenade launchers is a daily occurrence. As a consequence, several Ukrainian soldiers have been wounded. Ukrainian return fire is also causing damage and so it goes on…

June 14th: Five people, all members from one family were injured when shells slammed into their house in Marinka. Pictures below show a 61 year old man, 9 year old girl, 86 year old man and 51 & 30 year old women. The small town of Marinka is located on the edge of occupied Donetsk city. With Russia’s forces positions only a few hundred metres away, Marinka’s been on the unwanted receiving end of Russian shelling for the past 5 years. Article on the shelling.

The shelling and civilian injuries were today confirmed by the OSCE daily report.

The damaged house.

The 61 year old father getting military medical attention at the scene.

OSCE report: SMM means OSCE Special Monitoring Mission.
On 15 June, at a one-storey house at 292 Shevchenka Street in a residential area on the south-eastern edge of Marinka (government-controlled, 23km south-west of Donetsk) less than 1km from the contact line, the SMM saw a man (61 years old) with injuries to his right arm and chest. He told the SMM that he had heard several explosions while inside his house in the early morning hours of 14 June, and had attempted to move his family to a nearby shelter when he saw a bright light and lost consciousness. Outside the house, the SMM saw a 2.5m hole in the south-facing wall, three shattered west-facing windows, as well as debris on the ground. Inside, the SMM saw a living room with destroyed furniture, a partially destroyed interior wall, and debris on the ground. The SMM assessed that all damage was fresh and had been caused by artillery rounds, but was unable to assess the type of weapon or direction of fire. At a summer kitchen about 5m south of the house on the same property, the SMM saw a west-facing wall completely destroyed, as well a shattered east-facing window, dislodged ceiling materials and debris inside on the ground. The SMM assessed that the damage was caused by a shockwave created from the shelling.

The SMM saw the wife (56 years old) of the above mentioned man with cuts and bruises to her right hand and leg. She said that in the early morning hours of 14 June, while inside her house, she had heard an explosion, saw a bright light and smoke, then lost consciousness. Shortly after, the woman told the SMM she had regained consciousness and had seen all four of her family members being pulled from the rubble of her house with injuries. On 16 June, medical staff at the hospital told the SMM that the woman had sustained bruises from debris and shrapnel injuries to both of her legs and hands, and that the man had sustained bruises from debris and shrapnel wounds to both his hands and legs. Medical staff also said that the woman’s granddaughter (nine years old), daughter (30 years old) and father-in-law (86 years old) had sustained injuries, including bruises and shrapnel wounds as a result of the incident.  

The 30 year old daughter. 

The mother and her badly injured daughter.

The 86 year old father-in-law in the local medical centre.

The 9 year old grand-daughter.

Marinka: House is marked in bottom right corner. Red line marks the front line.
The blue markings denote the direction the shells were fired from.

Marinka 1
Location of Marinka.

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