Russia’s Propaganda Against Ukraine’s Army ain’t Improving

The certainties in life are…
Death, taxes and Russia’s ridiculous propaganda against Ukraine and its army.
Here’s a few examples of the latest fakery.

June 10th: Fake News Hotline. 
First up is an old classic. Russia’s republics in Ukraine would have us believe that Ukrainian soldiers can’t stop themselves from ringing a so-called “hotline” (as you do) and telling them everything about Ukraine’s army. In this case, they claim a soldier had an overwhelming need to inform them about US communications equipment, they allege he was using.

How do we know this article is fake?
1: They say the soldier “wished to remain anonymous. He only gave his call sign.”
But an individual soldiers call sign (nickname) is as good as a name. Why would Ukrainian soldiers risk ringing a phone line which they know will be recorded and effectively give their name, which can then be confirmed by his voice?
2: The picture heading with this article is from 2013. Soldier is not even Ukrainian.
3: Donbass Insider are Russian propaganda media operating illegally, inside occupied Ukraine.

This is another lame attempt to say the wicked West is behind the conflict in Ukraine and not Russia. And that the Ukrainian army is memorialised. Love how despite them having reported this phone farce as fact, they say (yellow box) the so-called Luhansk people’s republic (LPR) is “fact-checking this information.” Shouldn’t they do that first?

Joke 1


fake 7
The picture and the 2013 article on military communication equipment. 

June 6th: Travel News.
Sticking with Donbass Insider, we’ve got one of the funniest attempt to discredit Ukraine’s new president ever used by Russia. They seem to be under the impression that a Ukrainian travelling in Ukraine is somehow contentious and even classifies as a foreign “visit.”

“Ukrainian presidents are often judged by their first visits. Where will he go: to America or to Russia? Will he be pro-American or pro-Russian? Of course, the direction of the first visit cannot fully characterize the future policy of the president. But something about the choice of the visit still says. The first visit of Volodymyr Zelensky was in the zone of the so-called Operation of the Joint Forces.”

propganda 1

This is an early, feeble attempt to malign president Zelenskyy’s first visit to the front line. To gain an appreciation of the military conditions, May 27th, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited the Luhansk region. There he talked with soldiers about living conditions, food quality, equipment, housing, social package and staffing of units. Keen to improve the conditions of soldiers, last week the president also launched an initiative to increase investment into the Donbas front line area, thereby aiding the lives of civilians living there.

fake 5
A Twitter post about the Zelenskyy article.
Makes the hysterical WTF claim that Ukraine attacked Ukraine, because attacking Russia was too “risky.” And the usual bla, bla, NATO tripe.

June 13th: Food glorious food…
Working in tandem with Donbass Insider, are Fort Russ News. Operating out of Serbia, every week, they too churn out a level of fake news which should win an award for its brazen stupidity. Here we have a claim that Ukrainian soldiers were poisoned by counterfeit food products.

Shocking news and a big story if true?
So, was any evidence presented to back up this claim? Are there any media reports, or the social media posts on this? Anything, anywhere?

What we get is the now standard propaganda practice of Russia’s puppet republics lying about stuff, and then Russia’s media, useful idiots and trolls pushing this Russian rubbish on social media. In this case it’s the “press service” for the Luhansk people’s banana republic (LPR).

fake 3

fake 1
The fake news article pushed on Twitter.
The picture shows nothing more exciting that a medical training exercise.

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