News Roundup – Russia’s Propaganda, Russia’s Forces in Ukraine & Russian Rubbish

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Here are a few snippets of news.

We start with that old favorite, propaganda classic. 
Ukraine is “preparing” a military action, or in this case a “provocation.”
Bear with me as I run through their latest fantastical claim.

1: On June 14-15th: Russia’s Donetsk republic (in Ukraine) would have us believe Ukraine wanted to disrupt the new round of Minsk peace negotiations on June 19th.

2: They claim 6 Ukrainian soldiers will pitch up in the front line town of Avdiivka.

3: These will then casually fire mortars at Ukrainian positions and civilian areas.

4: Russia’s forces will duly be accused of the shelling.

5: Ukrainian forces will be provoked into returning fire on Russia’s forces.

rubbish 7

How do we know this is fake News?
Well apart from the usual total absence of any presented evidence, there were NO reported “mortar strikes on Ukrainian army’s rear positions” in Avdiivka. What we did see is Russia’s forces continued shelling of civilian and military positions, including a direct hit on one house in Marinka, which injured 5 members of one family, including a 9 year old girl.

So, with widespread firing happening every single day, and increasing civilian casualties and damage to civilian property, Ukraine certainly doesn’t need any extra incentive to blame Russia’s forces for firing on them. To attach some credibility to their spurious claim, note how they’ve mentioned Ukrainian media was already in the area on June 13th. The fact Ukrainian film crews routinely report from the front line was overlooked.

More Russian Rubbish.
Sticking with the Donetsk republic. They appear to have an ongoing problem with collecting people’s rubbish. June 5th they reported a 1,000 of the large rubbish collection tanks (seen in the pic) needed emptying. And that the fleet of garbage trucks were mostly in need to repair.

June 13th: Another post indicates the rubbish issue hasn’t been resolved. Maybe the 30,000+ Russia’s forces soldiers could stop firing on Ukrainians for a few days and instead pick up all the rubbish? Just an idea.


rubbish 8

Russia’s Forces in Ukraine show off their electronic warfare systems.
We are all meant to believe that the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics are defended by a rag tag and bobtail bunch of civilian “separatists,” who scraped together a few guns and the odd captured tank from the Ukrainian army.

Russia’s propaganda however keeps on shattering this freedom fighting charade. They do this by continuing to show us soldiers dressed and equipped with modern (Russian) military equipment and armaments.

June 13th: News Front, a Moscow based media outlet published a video. It featured soldiers from the Luhansk republic using the Russian military – Kredo, portable radar system. Used to detect short range movement of people, vehicles, boats, and low altitude items in the air such as helicopters, it can be operated and carried by a handful of soldiers. Kredo radars were reported seen used by Russia’s forces back in 2015. More on their use in Ukraine via this Inform Napalm media report.

Pictures below are taken from the News Front video. 
Stung by growing skepticism of how Russia’s republics magically acquired such an instant abundance of sophisticated hardware, Russia’s propaganda is now reporting items such as this were captured from the Ukrainian army. With a static front line since April 2015 and so no opportunity to capture anything, these statements have all the credibility of Putin saying he hasn’t stolen any money from the Russian people.

hardware 6

hardware 3

hardware 4

hardware 5

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