Latest Fortnightly OSCE Report – And it’s Not Good

The OSCE has published its latest fortnightly report.
This gives us a snapshot into the fighting and military activity in eastern Ukraine. The corresponding civilian casualties and damage to buildings. And restrictions placed on the OSCE by both sides military forces.

Download the OSCE report here.

June 3rd to 16th.
Note the OSCE call Russia’s forces – Armed Formations and occupied territory as – area not controlled by the government (of Ukraine).

Civilian Casualties.
1 civilian killed and 16 wounded.
Figure includes 5 civilians injured from 1 family in Ukraine held Marinka, inc a 9 year old girl. June 14th their house was shelled by Russia’s forces. OSCE report the families house has been hit 5 times since 2014.

Thus far – 2019 Civilian Casualty Total.
7 killed and 50 injured.

Ceasefire Violations (firing).
Over 14,700. Prev 2 weeks only 10,650.
This reflects the increased firing by Russia’s forces and corresponding Ukrainian return fire.

Weapons Violations.
Total of 44. With 32 of them in occupied territory.
These are mainly heavy weapons seen in and around the front line area.
The report also details other military hardware observed in residential areas.

Movement Restrictions.
Total of 32, With 29 of them by Russia’s forces.
This is usually when OSCE patrols are refused access through military checkpoints, or told to leave an area. Russia’s forces soldiers routinely tell the OSCE the leave the Russian border area, or stop them approaching it.

Electronic Warfare Systems.
2 reported seen in occupied territory.
These are Russian army systems.

Shots fired close to OSCE patrol.
Near a Russian forces checkpoint, shots were fired over their heads.
From my memory, the bullets missed them by 5m. This appears to have been an attempt to make the OSCE leave the area.

OSCE UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles).
Sadly it’s now a regular occurrence – OSCE, UAV keep getting shot at, or frequently have their radio signal jammed in flight. With both sides making extensive use of UAV for scouting and shelling target guidance, there’s a good many UAV getting shot at.


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