Russia’s Forces Kill 1 Ukrainian Soldier & Russia’s Propaganda

Yesterday saw another Ukrainian soldier reported killed and 2 wounded.
Still a young man aged 24, seen below, is Oleksandr Lyashok. Tragically he died of multiple shrapnel wounds.


Russia’s forces provocation firing continues along the 487km front line.
Unsurprisingly, the numbers of civilians injured and damage inflicted on property is steadily increasing on both sides of the line. Once again, Russia’s tactic of increased firing is undertaken to provoke the same high level of Ukrainian return fire. Russia’s propaganda then dutifully kicks in and blames Ukraine for everything.

It’s pathetic. It’s predictable. It costs civilian lives.

We are also seeing good evidence indicating the deliberate firing on civilians and property within occupied Ukraine, by Russia’s forces. More on this soon.

Recently, along with reporting damage/injuries on the Ukraine held side, the OSCE has detailed damage to property and small numbers of civilian injuries in the occupied territories. From June 3rd to 16th, the OSCE reported 1 civilian killed and 16 wounded. Five of those injured were all from 1 family. June 14th, Russia’s forces shells hit their house in Marinka. Two others were injured when their farm tractor drove over a mine.

The destroyed tractor. 

However, the OSCE totals don’t come close to matching the higher volumes reported by Russia’s propaganda. Routinely we see civilian casualties reported by the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk republics, but then medical staff there refuse to confirm the numbers, or even talk to the OSCE about them. This means it’s difficult to know if images and video footage purporting to show injured civilians are current and caused by the conflict, or everyday accidents.

Why, if Ukraine’s military are genuinely wounding lots of civilians, do they keep refusing to show verifiable evidence of this? Why, if the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk republics are genuinely run and controlled by elected civilian leaders, do medical staff tell the OSCE they can’t talk to them unless they have “permission” from the military?

The answer is – Russian army commanders control all the military forces in occupied Ukraine and the Kremlin controls the Russian army. Example below from June 6th.

OSCE hospital

And here’s a classic example of Russia’s latest, provocation propaganda.
June 17th & 18th: On Russian social media, Russia’s paid propagandist Graham Phillips helped push the below posts. Wanting to generate hatred towards Ukraine and get people to engage with posts via comments/shares, eye-catching images are frequently used. Time and again, the pictures used by Russia’s disinformation rarely have any link to the posted content.

In this case, the pictures don’t even show Ukrainian forces shelling anything.
What they do show are Russia’s forces in Ukraine shelling…

1: 2015: The Ukraine held town of Debaltseve.
2: 2014: The Ukraine held Donetsk city airport area.

This well documented 2014/15 shelling, killed and wounded large numbers of Ukrainian civilians and soldiers, and forced thousands of men, women and children to flee for their lives. Debaltseve suffered extensive destruction and the Donetsk city international airport and surrounding Ukraine held villages such as Pisky, were left as smoldering, empty ruins.

rubbish 10
The picture is a bit of a give away, as the artillery crew are dressed in heavy winter clothing and snow can be seen. Probably from Feb 2015.

The 2015 picture used in this Russian (Google Chrome Translated) news article.
Note: it’s credited to a Russian state media “journalist.”

rubbish 9
2014 picture of Russia’s forces shelling of the Donetsk city airport region.
The artillery gun in the above picture can be seen in the below 2014 video. Worth noting the large numbers of shells and ammo boxes strewn around, indicating this shelling was prolonged and “massive.”

The 2014 video of Russia’s forces shelling the Donetsk airport region.

Now, you might have thought Graham Phillips would know all about the snow and the mass shelling of Debaltseve? Because in Feb 2015, he just couldn’t stop himself from repeatedly celebrating the towns capture, along with presumably the large scale death and destruction inflicted on the town and its residents by Russia’s forces.


And celebrating with Russian media, so-called journalists.

Later in the year, he returned to celebrate again.

And again with his fellow western Russian propagandist, Patrick Lancaster.
At this time, Lancaster was Phillips’s dimwitted camera man. He remains dimwitted.

As seen below, the smirking Graham Phillips
is wearing Russian military uniform and pro-Russian insignia, as worn by Russia’s forces soldiers. The white arm band instantly identifies him as a soldier fighting with Russia’s forces.

Phillips 2

Soldiers 6
Phillips in Debaltseve with Russia’s forces.

Wrecked houses in Debaltseve after Russia’s forces shelling.



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