With growing interest here in posts covering Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine, I’ve held a high powered meeting with myself, and decided to change the focus of my blog.

From now, posts will primarily deal with Russia’s military activity in Ukraine. These posts will be much longer and far more detailed. To make it easier to find stuff, I’ve added several new categories for –

Supplying Russia’s Forces.
Russia’s Military Losses. 
Occupied Ukraine News. 
Front Line News.

Front line – Military & Front Line – Civilian will cover day to day conflict events and related news along the front line. Russia’s Military losses – will detail evidence of deaths and injuries to Russian soldiers and mercenaries under Russian command. Supplying Russia’s Forces – will focus on how Russia sends ammo/supplies into Ukraine, inc its use of supply depots in Russia. I’ll also map out in more detail, any OSCE reports on Russian military activity observed on Ukraine’s border. Russia’s Forces – looks at general info in Ukraine and Occupied Ukraine News – will deal with things reported as happening there.

I’m still going to cover Russia’s propaganda, but add more on how Russia’s western propagandists operate inside occupied Ukraine, and their use of social media to promote disinformation.

This weekend I’m deleting many older posts and adding the above new Categories to those that remain. From tomorrow, I’ll start adding new articles. Next week I’ll be posting more evidence on how Russia supplies its forces in Ukraine, by road and rail.

Written by Glasnost Gone

Just a British chap who doesn't like murdering dictators who go topless.


  1. Great idea Alex. Another category that would be interesting would be “Violation of human rights”. Even if there are plenty of evidence from around the beginning of the occupation of Donbas, it might be difficult to get recent info as the occupiers keep things under


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