Russia’s Forces Kill 2 Ukrainian Medics

Grim day yesterday and today’s not getting any better.
On Monday morning, near the front line village of Vodyane, Russia’s forces hit a Ukrainian military ambulance. Killing two medics and injuring a third, the Humvee ambulance was hit by an anti-tank guided missile. Female Doctor sergeant Irina Shevchenko and Marine Sergei Mayboroda were both killed. The ambulance was reportedly in the area to pick up wounded. Ukrainian military report on Face Book.

And today July 2nd, two volunteer medics have been reported injured by sniper fire. Initial reporting by Ukrainian police indicate the car was hit when travelling between Ukraine held Marinka to nearby Krasnohorivka. High up on mine slag heaps, Russia’s forces positions defending Donetsk city overlook the road and general area.

These heinous attacks are instigated to encourage a heavy Ukrainian response. Russia’s forces increased firing is part of a cynical Kremlin propaganda campaign to claim Ukraine deliberately targets civilians. With that in mind, one can only feel empathy for civilians living in Russian occupied Ukraine. Putin views them as no better than his cannon fodder soldiers. To Russia, the only good Ukrainian civilian is one killed or injured for the benefit of Russian propaganda cameras. And the bloodier they die and look, the better.

The wrecked and burnt out Humvee. 

Irina Shevchenko.

Sergei Mayboroda.

The very distinctive Humvee ambulances, donated by the US. 

Ambulance 1
Village of Vodyane on Ukraine’s south Azov Sea coast. 
Everything east of the village is held by Russia’s forces.

Map 1
Marinka and nearby Krasnohorivka location.

We do have proof Russia’s forces launch unprovoked attacks.
As I’ve previously reported, we know Russia’s forces deliberately launch unprovoked attacks on Ukrainian military vehicles and soldiers.

How do we know?
Because they keep publishing videos celebrating those unprovoked attacks. On Russian social media, the below videos show recent anti-tank guided missiles hitting Ukrainian military trucks, and their snipers firing on Ukrainian soldiers.
Visit the Partisan Detachment VK account to watch the videos.

propaganda 8
June 3rd: Ukrainian truck hit whilst driving along. 

propaganda 2
June 6th: Another Ukrainian truck hit by an anti-tank rocket.

propaganda 6
June 6th: Two Ukrainian soldiers hit by sniper fire whilst covering their position with camouflage netting. 

And Finally.
We also know Russia’s so-called Donetsk people’s republic (DPR) posts videos showing unprovoked attacks on the Ukrainian army.

On Russian social media, Inside Donetsk post the “official” DPR news. June 3rd, they posted the below video (as posted by Partisan Detachment). Shows a Ukrainian military truck hit by an anti-tank rocket. Finding the killing of Ukrainian soldiers amusing, Inside Donetsk wrote – “You can endlessly look at 3 things: the face of the woman you love, how the water flows, and how somewhere on the Donbass front the DPR fighters dismantle the Ukrainian Urals” (trucks).

Note they don’t say the vehicle in anyway posed a threat. They simply destroyed it and killed several Ukrainian soldiers, for the “love” of it. Presumably the same “love” made them deliberately target the Ukrainian ambulance?

English translation via Google Chrome. Below is the original Russian version.


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