Busted: Russia’s UAV Propaganda against Ukraine’s Army

Russia’s Winging it Propaganda.
A prominent and modern day feature of the fighting in eastern Ukraine, is the use of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). Used by both sides, they scout enemy positions, correct artillery fire and occasionally drop small explosives on enemy positions.

Russia’s propaganda would have you believe Ukraine also uses them to target civilians, either by dropping bombs on houses, or as in this case, by dropping threatening, propaganda leaflets.

My video covering Russia’s leaflet scam.

July 1st 2019:
Russia’s Luhansk people’s republic (LPR) claimed their (Russia’s forces) soldiers shot down a Ukrainian UAV, which intended to drop “frightening fliers with threats.” The below July 1st article is from the LPR official website. It claims the leaflets are part of Ukraine’s president Vladimir Zelenskyy’s attempt to, “wage an information war.”
His picture is seen on the leaflets.

Only Downside is…
The LPR already told us they shot down the exact same UAV in 2018.



1000wm (3)

Seen above, the article is accompanied by several images of the alleged downed UAV. Apart from its distinctive design, we can see lots of easily identifying features. To list a few, there’s the white container for the leaflets, the blue/white name card on top of the engine, and various green/red coloured parts. More importantly, there are also none manufacture related features, such as staining.

blue square
My blue square marks some unique staining on the green part.

1000wm (6)
The fake leaflets.

They read…
When the Military Forces of Ukraine enter a settlement: (they will)…
1. Preserve peace.
2. (Tell people to) Come into the central street.
3. Have in your possession personal identification documents.

The people of Donbass, we are liberating not conquering you!
Take notice that any attempt of opposition will be suppressed with savagery. 

The DPR also published a video.
Like a bad B movie, we see two DPR (Russia’s forces) soldiers firing at something. And miraculously after just a few shots, we’re meant to believe they hit the UAV. And just by pure million to one chance, the soldiers were accompanied by a camera, which filmed the whole event. Lucky or what? 

Conveniently, the footage has been edited to include a red circle. It’s first seen in the air, then dramatically descends, supposedly indicating the UAV had been hit and shot down.

Only Downside is…
You’re unable to see anything within the circle, other than sky.
Mainly because there’s no UAV.

The video. YouTube is infested with these Russian, disinformation channels. Ukraine should start asking for them to be suspended. They are military videos, made by those occupying its country. Hard to imagine Russia ignoring such channels, if the situation was reversed and Ukraine was occupying part of Russia.

UAV fakery 1
Soldiers firing towards the area indicated by the red circle. 

UAV fakery 2
Soldier picks up a UAV.

UAV fakery 3
The white container and leaflets. 

Meanwhile back in December 2018.
The LPR said they’d shot down a “Shock drone heading for a village in Luhansk.” 
There’s no doubt it’s the one from July 1st 2019. 

The article below reads… 
“Yesterday (December 4), at 12.15 pm, an airborne unmanned aerial vehicle with a special container containing (a shell from) a grenade launcher was shot down… The deadly aircraft was directed from the direction of the town of Happiness towards Lugansk. It is also noteworthy that the incident occurred during the meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk,” the spokesman for the People’s Militia stressed.” 

To gain maximum exposure, this type of fake news is usually linked to some event. This time it’s the Minsk peace talks, with Russia hoping to discredit Ukraine.

Article and accompanying pictures. 

1000wm (5)
UAV is the same design, complete with a DIY white container.

1000wm (2)
And perfectly matched staining on the green part.

1000wm (1)

The moral of this story is…
Try harder to keep track of your winged based Russian lies.

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