Russia’s Million People Propaganda Scam

Here we look at Russia’s latest attempts to fabricate Ukrainian support for its republics in Ukraine. It’s a classic scam involving hundreds of thousands of fake on-line votes.

Russia’s long struggled with the need to claim the approx 3.7 million Ukrainians living in its puppet Donetsk (DPR) & Luhansk (LPR) people’s republics want to be there. That they are all happy with their lot and no one yearns to be reunited with Ukraine.

This struggle has seen the repeated exaggerating of numbers of people attending the funerals of prominent military commanders and major public events. Russian state media and Russia’s propagandists tell us tens of thousands people keep flooding the streets to take part in them.

In the case of Alexander Zakharchenko funeral (former head of the Donetsk republic), an impressive 200,000 people are said to have seen him off. When you consider there are around 2.3 million people in the Donetsk republic, the figure of 200,000 people would indicate widespread support for him and his republics policies. Yet, time and again, the OSCE and social media images/video footage disprove the much hyped attendance figures.

And there’s the Russian rub. With the support of Ukrainians never having manifested itself, Russia’s reduced to amateurish number manipulation. In the case of Zakharchenko, the OSCE monitors watching his funeral said no more than “several thousand” people were seen. (My blog post on this funeral fakery).

Russia’s New Million People Propaganda Scam.
Supposed “Choice of Donbas” campaign members. Note the 1 million t-shirts.

With Ukraine having a new president, Russia’s fake number crunching has now gone on-line. The DPR launched a “Choice of Donbas” campaign. Blaming Ukraine for everything and arguing all who join it wish to be part of Russia, the campaigns lofty aims are listed on its website as –

“We, residents of Donbass, demand from the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to stop shelling our homes! We demand to return the pension to people! We demand to give us the right to speak our native Russian! Recognize the right of Donbass to integrate with Russia! Give us the opportunity to develop our economy! Let our police protect us! Punish the criminals — Petro Poroshenko, Oleksandr Turchynov, Igor Kolomoisky, Ruslan Homchak and others who gave orders to kill civilians! We demand a special status for Donbass!”

How the campaign scam works.
To indicate support, people visit the below website and vote. This takes the form of adding your picture, name/location you live in. Upon checking today at 6.50am, the web total stands at a mighty – One million, six thousand, seven hundred seventy-five.

That’s on the way to half the people in occupied Donetsk having voted. With a large chunk of the population made up of the elderly, it’s notable how few of the images show older residents. As I write this at 1pm, the total hasn’t increased.

faces 21
Website with the aims, voter total and details of how you vote.

faces 22
I’ve used Google Chrome to translate the names and locations.
Must be a lot of Helena’s in occupied Ukraine? The last 7 entries have three in a row.

With such a simplified way of voting, the campaign has obviously been concocted to be easily manipulated. Using the below male examples, we see the same image has been used to vote several times; a different name and location added for each one. No doubt if I scrolled back far enough, every image is probably used multiple times. It’s a safe bet each genuine image has been used to make numerous fake votes and enable the total to reach that much publicized million mark.

faces 10
Stephan become Alexander.

faces 13
Daniel becomes Sergei.

faces 15
Krill becomes Nicholas.

Faces 18
Dmitriy becomes Sergei.

But the fakery doesn’t end there. They’re even using pictures of dead people.
On Russian social media, people in the DPR have voiced their obvious skepticism towards the campaign. Here Yulia points out the dubious nature of the voters photos. She claims the man in the photo died 3 years ago. A Russia’s forces soldier, funeral tribute pictures do indicate he’s dead.

So, be they dead or alive, it seems Russia’s using its data base of republic soldiers to bump up the fake votes. This is Data theft on a MASSIVE scale. Visit this VK account for more examples of image discrepancies, or enter #ЗеленскийПризнайВыборДонбасса hashtag into Google.

fake figs 1

The mans funeral tribute photo. 

Not content with all the above jiggery-pokery, Russian lawyers are even getting in on the voting game. A Google image search of the mans image below (top row, second from left), has him as Aminev Denis, a lawyer from the Russian city of Samara.

faces 6

faces 9
I used Google Chrome to translate the web page.

faces 2

So what does this tell us about Russia’s republics?
1: Vast majority of Ukrainians living in them don’t agree with the campaign aims.
2: Vast bulk of the voters images are either fake, posted without consent, or have been used to vote multiple times.
3: Those Russia employs to think up these propaganda scams are fucking idiots.

And Finally.
What does the park in Donetsk with the live voting number board translate as?
“The Park of Forged Figures.”
Karma or what?

forged figures

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