Oops: Russia’s Propaganda Claims Same Ukraine UAV Downed 3 Times

How many times can you claim to have shot down down the same drone?
When it comes to Russia’s repetitive propaganda, there’s no limit.

With a new ceasefire in place, it’s only natural that Russia will claim the Ukrainian army has broken it. So, cue that old fake news favorite of – Ukraine using “Shock” drones, to drop bombs on people.

On Twitter: I’ve started to put these instances of Russia’s picture propaganda under the #KremlinPicturePropaganda hashtag.

August 3rd 2019: Russia’s Donetsk people’s republic (DPR) claimed they shot down the UAV seen in the below article – “Our defenders noticed the UAV in time and immediately began to destroy it”, claimed their military spokesman Daniel Bezsonov. We even get the time of 11.50 when it was shot down. 

drone fail 1
Aug 3rd: Official DPR report.

July 22nd 2019: Russia’s Luhansk republic had already claimed to have shot down the very same UAV. We even get a location where it was downed – Pervomaisk village.

“The army units of the Lugansk People’s Republic succeeded in destroying an unmanned percussion device belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and conducting reconnaissance near Pervomaisk, recently subjected to heavy shelling by Ukrainian terrorists. The information was presented to journalists by the head of the press service of the People’s Police Department of the LPR, Yakov Osadchy.

The military reported the incident, making a clarification in the brief preliminary reports: “Air defense (air defense) units of the People’s Militia in the area of ​​the Pervomaisk settlement shot down the Fury UAV’s armed UAV equipped with a device for dumping a combat charge.”

drone fail 2
Anna News is pro-Russian media. I used Google Chrome to translate the article.

Oct 26th 2018:
 Seen below, the DPR claimed they’d shot down that same UAV 10 months ago. Loving the bit where they say – DPR intelligence has a lot of proof of the enemy (Ukrainian army) using UAV.” Yea right…

“Donetsk, Oct 26 – DAN. Ukrainian army has intensified aerial reconnaissance using UAVs along the contact line, said DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin.

“The enemy activates aerial reconnaissance to adjust fire on all directions. Over  the past week, DPR People’s Militia Air Defense spotted nine UAVs operating, five of them were brought down over our territory.” Basurin said that DPR intelligence has a lot of proof of the enemy using UAV, including those downed by the DPR forces and subsequently shown to press.

Drone fail 4
OCT 2018: Official DPR report.

drone fail 3
Pro-Russian media from Oct 2018. 

drone fail 6
My Google Search and the variety of claimed shoot down dates.
Google gives us an insight into how the Kremlin’s propaganda works and how it’s spread. Pro-Russian media and blogs are used and paid to promote this obviously fake news.

The little drone, which keeps getting in the Putin’s propaganda spotlight.  

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