Front Line Update

Well the July 21st ceasefire is holding, but only just.
Firing is gradually increasing and the use of mortar fire has kicked in… but overall the level of firing is still much reduced. Today Ukrainian military report Russia’s forces opened up 6 times with mortars and heavy/light machine guns. No casualties reported.

Meanwhile Russia’s propaganda is all out claiming Ukraine’s army is breaking the ceasefire. Check out my recent article on how on Aug 3rd, Russia’s Donetsk republic claimed they’d shot down a Ukrainian UAV. One which they claim was designed to drop explosives on people. Only downside, they’d already reported downing the same UAV several times already, including once in 2018.

The plucky little UAV.

The month of July was a bloody one along the 487km front line. Prior to July 21st, 14 Ukrainian soldiers were reported killed by Russia’s forces. Check out this article on the below men and women who died defending their homeland.


For July 15th to 28th – the latest fortnightly OSCE report is out.

Ceasefire violations (incidents of firing) – 6,000 (prev fortnight 14,000).
75% of these were before the July 21st new agreed ceasefire.

Civilians Casualties: 4 killed and 13 injured.
No injuries reported during current ceasefire.
2019 total so far – 14 civilians killed & 84 injured.

OSCE patrol movement restrictions: 44. All by Russia’s forces.
This usually happens at road checkpoints where OSCE monitors are stopped from passing through, or told to leave the area on the border with Russia.

Weapons violations: 178. 143 of them by Russia’s forces.
Weapons violations are heavy weapons seen within agreed restricted areas on/near front line.

OSCE UAV continue to be either shot at or jammed.

OSCE report

Lastly some good news.
The local agreed ceasefire at Stanytsia Luhanska is still holding.
Mine clearance and enhancements to the busy bridge pedestrian crossing area are taking place. Both sides have pulled back their military positions from the below damaged bridge crossing point. This week demining and ordnance clearance is happening around the bridge itself. After this, it’s hoped the inadequate and dangerous wooden ramps can be replaced with something more substantial.


bridge 3

The metal bridge across the Siverskyi Donets River is intact, but the concrete road section, marked by the red square was blown up several years ago.

bridge 4
Blown road section is just to the right of the metal bridge.
Coordinates – 48 37 54.14 N 39 29 21.65 E

Taken weekend just gone, the header picture shows damaged housing in the village of Shyrokyne. On the shore of the Azov Sea, due to Russia’s forces advancing to capture the city of Mariupol, it was severally damaged by shell fire and heavy fighting. The last of the almost 2,000 residents fled in early 2016. Once a popular seaside holiday destination, now everyone of its 700 houses and buildings has been damaged. It’s one of several Ukrainian ghost villages dotted along the front line.

A child’s toy bike is a reminder that people once lived and played in Shyrokyne.


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