Russia’s Forces Kill 4 Ukrainian Soldiers

Regrettably, Tuesday saw an upsurge in Russia’s forces firing.
Near the Azov Sea coastal city of Mariupol (Donetsk region), 4 young Ukrainian Marines (seen below) were killed by an anti-tank rocket. An additional soldier was also wounded.

Deceased Marines – Alexander Sharko, Vladislav Rak, Sergey Shandra, Vasily Kurdov.
For more details of the men, please check out this article.

You’re probably tired of me me saying this type of incident is provocation fire. but that’s what it is. Russia and its propaganda machine needs to feed its fake news against Ukraine. Needs to claim Ukraine’s broken the ceasefire. And the best way to achieve this is by provoking return fire and then loudly proclaiming – look Ukraine’s the baddie.

Today’s OSCE report for Tuesday noted the increased firing.
They observed more ceasefire violations in the Donetsk region, inc 60 explosions compared to 27 explosions on Monday. On the plus side the Luhansk region was reported as quiet.

Today Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy had a phone conversation with Vladimir Putin. On the deaths of 4 Ukrainian Marines, he’s reported as saying to Putin “that this doesn’t bring us closer to peace.” For me this a good pro-active move on the presidents part. For too long the Kremlin has said Ukraine doesn’t want peace bla, bla. Well if Ukraine’s president is now contacting Russia every time there’s an upsurge in fighting, then it’s Putin whose on the back foot. Fingers crossed the upsurge in firing will subside. 





Russia’s same old propaganda.
Aug 6th – Like clockwork, they’re back using that old Russian classic of – Ukraine’s planning an offensive – or as they put it this time “hostilities.” We get the usual long detailed list of places, where Ukrainian units are supposedly busy doing this and that, but NEVER any VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE to prove it. Nothing, other than what they jokingly claim to be “Our intelligence” and the use of totally unrelated pictures.

Fake news 1

Stanytsia Luhanska Bridge Crossing.
The local agreed ceasefire at Stanytsia Luhanska (in the Luhansk region) is still holding. This week demining is taking place around the actual damaged bridge area. OSCE has not reported any issues at the crossing since the ceasefire. So at least that’s good news.


In response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, Estonia has said it will not recognise Russian passports issued to residents in Russia’s Donetsk and Luhansk republics.
Visit the Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for more info.


Big Brother will soon be watching you a little closer.
I mean, where can the harm be in Russia and its Donetsk and Luhansk banana republics wanting to know every little detail about the Ukrainian people living there? They report in October there will be a “census” for all residents. Hmm… will the thousands of Russian soldiers and mercenaries in eastern Ukraine take part?
Big brother
And Lastly.
On my spin around Google Earth, this football pitch caught my eye. Located on the edge of the Ukraine held town of Marinka, I noticed the Ukrainian trench dug through it (on the left). The soldiers must be football fans, as they’ve left the goal post standing.

football 1

football 2
As seen above, the buildings around the pitch has been devastated by Russian fire.

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