News Roundup – Including Front Line

Front Line.
Things are still a good deal quieter along the front line. Far less use of mortar fire, but still plenty of grenade launcher, hand-held anti-tank rocket and heavy/light machine gun fire. Ukraine’s Donetsk region is on the receiving end of most firing, with Luhansk region suffering far less attention. OSCE daily reports fluctuate between reporting on increased ceasefire violations (firing) and then fewer violations.

Header pic – View point from Russia’s forces bunker on-top of a mine slag heap. Near the occupied town of Horlivka, we look out on Ukrainian positions and flags flying on top of nearby mine slag heaps.

The local agreed ceasefire at Stanytsia Luhanska is still holding.
In Ukraine’s Luhansk region, demining and clearing of the pedestrian bridge crossing area is still on-going. Once finished, it’s hoped the destroyed bridge area can be rebuilt and the below wooden ramps be replaced with a structure which doesn’t present such an arduous challenge to those using it.

One of the two steep wooden ramps people must use to cross the front line at Stanytsia Luhanska

As seen in 2017 and 2018, Russia’s propaganda is again putting out false claims of the Ukrainian army planning an offensive. They’ve now done this more times than Putin’s rigged his presidential elections. Check out my Aug 14th post on this latest fake news effort.


Russia’s Donetsk republic on “Ukraine is actively preparing for a violent way to resolve the conflict…”

And finally…
Russia’s dead cannon fodder commanders are reborn. In occupied Donetsk city, they’ve erected this rather ghoulish display – featuring (from left) Arsen Pavlov, Alexander Zakharchenko and Mikhail Tolstykh. Both Pavlov and Tolstykh are known to have tortured and admitted to murdering Ukrainian prisoners of war. Zakharchenko was the former Prime Minister of Russia’s Donetsk republic. All three were assassinated in eastern Ukraine.

Why are all three wearing gloves?


Can’t help but think this is a scene from – Carry on Screaming.
The classic comedy featured people made into mannequins for shop window displays.


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