Russia’s New Disinformation Campaign – An Excuse to Break the Ceasefire?

I’m on safe ground when it comes to talking about Russia’s propaganda.
Safe ground, because it’s so utterly predictable and repetitive. July 21st saw the start of another agreed ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. A few weeks on and Russia’s disinformation campaign has once again kicked in. Using a propaganda system known as Fire-hosing, Russia’s sham republics in Ukraine are busy pumping out a steady stream of unproven claims about the Ukrainian army.

We’ve had reports on Ukrainian snipers allowed to target civilians, tanks firing, build up of Ukrainian forces, demining taking place to allow for an “large-scale offensive” and Russian rubbish about a forthcoming “Full-scale attack.” Crucially, none of these claims are backed up with evidence. No genuinely related imagery, film footage, social media posts, independent media reports or satellite imagery. As we’ve seen time after time, most notably in 2018, all we get are so-called spokesmen for Russia’s republics spewing out unfounded claims and then Russia’s propaganda spraying them out as fact.

Linked to Russia’s forces current breaking of the ceasefire with daily provocation firing, this new disinformation campaign looks to be the prelude to Russia’s forces resuming all out firing. Worth mentioning, over the last 4 years Ukraine’s never launched an offensive, full-scale or otherwise.


Aug 12th:
 Russia’s Donetsk people’s republic (DPR) claims “Ukraine is actively preparing for a violent way to resolve the conflict…”

My recent video on Russia’s 2017/18 fake news about Ukrainian offensives.Fake news offensive 1
August 13th: Pro-Russian media Fort Russ News, today pushing the “large-scale offensive” on Twitter.
Fake news offensive 3
Aug 12th: @MauriceSchleepen appears to be an official Russian propaganda account. On Twitter, they are again helping promote the “Full-Scale attack” line.

sniper 1

Using a 2009 picture of German soldier in Afghanistan,
 the risible DPR claim Ukrainian snipers have been given permission to shoot civilians. This linked to Russia’s on-going propaganda campaign claiming Ukrainian army deliberately targets civilians.

2009 article on German sniper.


tanks 1

Aug 13th:
 DPR claim of Ukrainian tanks firing on the front line. No evidence provided to back up such a claim.

Fake news offensive

Aug 10th:
 DPR claim Ukraine’s “transferred demining equipment to Mariupol for possible breakthrough of DPR positions.” Love how their “intelligence” always manages to give masses of detail about where, how and when stuff supposedly happened, but never seems able to publish one single scrap of collaborating evidence.

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