Russia’s Archive Drone Deception against the Ukrainian Army

For Russia, the drawback to its propaganda against Ukraine is the sheer monotonous nature of it. One imagines this is down to the buffoons Russia employs to shovel out its fake news and the time pressures of needing to malign the Ukrainian army every day. 

Introducing Russia’s Drone, or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Propaganda.
With the July 21st ceasefire still hanging in there, Russia’s jolly keen to tell everyone the Ukrainian army keeps breaking it. Over the last few weeks, Russia’s sham Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics (DPR & LPR) have been banging on about Ukraine’s alleged widespread use of “attack drones.” They claim these UAV are carrying bombs, which were intended to drop on “infrastructure, schools and Kindergartens. 

Dropping bombs on children, shocking stuff indeed, but stuff which true to form, hasn’t been backed up with any credible evidence. If the DPR & LPR are shooting down wave after wave of Ukrainian UAV, why can’t they publish pictures of them? 

This is where Russia’s Archive propaganda comes in. Write a fake news article and simply back it up with an old UAV pic from months, or sometimes years ago.   


Aug 14th: Above is a typical article by the DPR, (translated using Google Chrome).
Details their claim of having shot down a Ukrainian “strike drone,” which was planning to drop a grenade on a “peaceful neighborhood.” No related pic or verifiable evidence, just an archive pic which they’ve previously used in Feb 2018.

Same UAV used in Feb 2018 article.
News Doni Agency was the former official DPR website.

drone 2017a

Aug 8th: Above – English text article on DPR website.
Since the new ceasefire, we’re meant to believe 6 Ukrainian “combat” UAV have been shot down. Somewhat conveniently, the text under the pic reading Downed UAV – Archive, is written in Russian. Anyone unable to read Russian will assume the image is directly related to the 6 recently downed UAV – whereas it was first used almost 2 years ago back in Sept 2017.

drone 2017
The same UAV seen in Sept 2017 article. 


drone fail 1

Aug 3rd: “Shock drone” downed. Pic of this little drone has appeared in July 2019 and Oct 2018 articles. More via my article.

Russia’s Staged UAV Shoot Downs.
Along with Archive deception, we get embarrassingly staged shooting down of UAV.
July 1st 2019: The LPR claim to have downed a Ukrainian UAV carrying threatening propaganda leaflets. Amazingly a film crew was present when two soldiers standing in a random field suddenly saw it and then instantly shot it down.

Only pitfall to this Oscar level film performance, is the LPR having already claimed to have shot down the exact same UAV in Dec 2018.
My article on this shoot down farce.

July 1st 2019 article on UAV shoot down by LPR.

YouTube video featuring the staged July 1st shoot down. 

Dec 5th 2018: LPR Reporting on same UAV.

Seen below is the culmination of Russia’s Aerial Fakery.
Aug 15th: The DPR Commissioner for human rights (a classic oxymoron), “condemned the use by the army of Ukraine of shock unmanned aircraft.” Note an archive pic accompanied her article.


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