Front Line & Related News, inc Proof of Russia’s Forces in Ukraine

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Here’s some latest news.

Front Line News.
Overall, the July 21st ceasefire in Ukraine is holding. Still a good deal of firing going on, but mainly from lighter weapons. These lighter weapons do however include grenade launchers and rocket propelled grenade launchers. Crucially, heavier weapons such as mortars which cause the majority of casualties and damage to property, are not being used. Yesterday, 1 Ukrainian soldier was reported wounded by Russia’s forces.

Aug 18th front line video. Ukrainian soldiers talk about current situation.

More Proof of Russia’s Forces Fighting in Ukraine.
Forensic Architecture, a London-based research group, has collected and catalogued evidence of Russian military involvement in the Aug 2014 battle of Ilovaisk. This includes the presence of a tank used only by the Russian armed forces at that time.
Check out their extremely informative video on the subject.

Still from the video featuring a Russian tank.

Stanytsia Luhanska Bridge Crossing.
The local agreed ceasefire at Stanytsia Luhanska is still holding. Some current disagreement as to mine/shell clearance around the below damaged bridge section, but no fighting/firing has been reported by the OSCE for some time. This front line crossing point is the only one in the Luhansk region, so it’s extremely busy. For the infirm and elderly, negotiating the steep wooden ramps poses quite a challenge. If the ceasefire holds, it’s hoped to replace the ramps with a safer and more permanent structure.


Catching a lift.
Staying with Stanytsia Luhanska. As part of the improvements to the crossing, a bus and buggy shuttle service is now in operation. From the bridge on the Ukrainian side, there’s a 800m walk to the Ukrainian army checkpoint. Having already climbed up and down the wooden ramps, this long walk was another feat of endurance the elderly and infirm were forced to endure. A feat of endurance made all the harder in winter and the heat of summer. As long as the ceasefire holds, this new bus and electric buggy service helps alleviate this problem.

lift 2

Video on the new shuttle service at Stanytsia Luhanska.

Russia’s propaganda.
No let up here. Russia’s puppet republics are still churning out fake horror stories of Ukrainian army building up its forces, getting drunk, using UAVs to bomb schools and…

Below we have that old Special Forces classic. With a total absence of anything resembling evidence, Russia’s Donetsk republic want you to believe Ukrainian Special forces wearing civilian cloths casually strolled around close to Russia’s forces positions, checking out the “terrain and road.” Not to be downhearted, this does make for a refreshing change. Usually they falsely accuse NATO, US, UK and Canadian Special Forces of doing all sorts of dodgy things on the front line.

Desperate stuff 1

When is a fire not a fire? 
When Russia’s propaganda claims there’s been a fire.
Aug 15th, the Donetsk republic reported 6 Ukrainian soldiers were injured in a fire. According to their “intelligence” (yea right), this supposedly took place somewhere near the front line occupied town of Horlivka. No evidence was provided to back up this concocted, combustible story. As seen below, the fact they used the Aug 2019 burning building image to report on alleged Ukrainian shelling and domestic fires in 2018, casts more doubt on the veracity of their fiery claims.

fake fire 2
fake fire 1
fake fire 3


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