Front Line Update & latest OSCE Fortnightly Summary Report

Safe to say, Russia’s forces in Ukraine have had the Kremlin nod to increase their firing. Last week and this week has seen them back using mortars & artillery on a daily basis. This cynical upsurge in provocation fire ushers in the now daily death and destruction we’ve all sadly grown accustomed to.

The below Sept 3rd situation map, shows the shelling and firing by Russia’s forces on Sept 2nd. Typically, the Donetsk region (yellow) is receiving most of their uninvited lead. With Russia’s propaganda again claiming Ukraine’s planning an offensive from Mariupol on the south coast, Russia’s forces have been shelling the area. Every year they’ve claimed Ukraine’s about to launch a “Massive Armageddon offensive” and every year Ukraine never has. By shelling the front line villages around Mariupol, they’re hoping to provoke a heavy response. Russia’s propaganda then kicks in, claiming – Look Ukraine’s launched an offensive, bla, bla.

The article header pic shows effects of Russia’s forces recent shelling village of Vodyane near Mariupol. Watch a video showing shells hitting the village.


Ukrainian Military Casualties.
August 19th to Sept 3rd.
3 Ukrainian soldiers killed and 16 wounded.
Four soldiers were reported wounded yesterday.
Check out the Ukrainian army Face Book page for more info.

Aug 12th to 25th – OSCE Fortnightly Report.
Link for report.

Civilian casualties – 
2 injured. 
From Jan 1st 2019  – Total of 15 civilians killed and 89 injured.

OSCE confirm firing has increased. 
Ceasefire Violations have doubled. Total of 5,400 observed, including around 1,100 explosions. Prev report listed 2,700 violations & 600 explosions.

Weapons Violations (heavy weapons on/near front line) was 123.
111 of the heavy weapons were seen in none Ukraine Gov held areas (occupied territory).

OSCE Movement Restrictions was 38.
36 of the restrictions were in none Ukraine Gov held areas (occupied territory).
Russia’s forces routinely stop OSCE monitors at road checkpoints. This often happens near the Russian border and in the occupied Mariupol region.

8 instances of UAV having been fired at and 40 assumed to have been jammed.
In the interest of fairness, both sides don’t like OSCE UAV flying over their territory. That said, the most recent downing of them has occurred over occupied territory.


Meanwhile at Stanytsia Luhanska.
Part of the local ceasefire agreement was the removal by both sides of all military positions near the pedestrian bridge crossing. This being the prerequisite to the rebuilding of the damaged bridge section. True to form, Russia’s forces reluctantly cleared their front line position (slowest spade work you’ve ever seen), but then promptly stuck this large metal container near the bridge.

It’s obviously a military position; with them simply having painted it blue & written JCCC (Joint Centre for Control & Co-ordination) on it. Both sides have JCCC soldiers. These are supposed to liaise with the OSCE on disputes and conflict issues. The Ukrainian side has already cleared their position overlooking the bridge and hasn’t reciprocated with their own metal bunker.

I’ve taken a few clips from two films posted by Russia’s so-called Luhansk republic.
Love how the Ukraine side has stuck flags in the destroyed road light poles.

Ukrainian Army helping the Worlds Military.
Having now fought a 5 year modern day conflict with Russia, the Ukrainian army knows a thing or two about operating in a war zone. Eager to tap into that knowledge, this week military delegations from Denmark, Norway & Canada visited the busy checkpoint at Novotroitske. They were keen to learn how such front line civilian checkpoints operate, including the procedures for when they come under fire.
More via Ukrainian ministry of defence.




And Finally.
After the summer break, children are back at school. In Ukraine this is a big event, with dancing and events marking the first day back. With hundreds of schools damaged and many destroyed due to the conflict, we can only hope all the children stay safe.





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