Russia’s Forces Fire Towards OSCE Monitors

Evening all.
Header pic is yesterdays sunrise over the front line.

Front line news.
As I reported yesterday, Russia’s forces have increased their use of mortars. With more shells winging their way across the 487km front line, it wont come as a startling revelation to learn mortar shells can kill and wound people. This all too obvious fact is especially true in eastern Ukraine. With a static entrenched front line, both sides know the exact locations & coordinates of each others military positions. So when firing stuff, the likelihood of hitting something or someone is far greater. In addition, the high trajectory of mortar shells, means shells can land inside trenches.

Wednesdays firing regrettably saw the death of another Ukrainian soldier. Ukrainian military report Russia’s forces opened up 12 times. These often intense firing attacks are still less than before the July 21st ceasefire, but they’re certainly edging upwards.

Video Report from the front line.
From before the recent upsurge in use of heavy weapons, this Aug 22nd English translated video is still well worth a watch. Cheerful Ukrainian soldiers talk about holding the line in the battle scared industrial centre outside the town of Avdiivka. Can’t help but be impressed by their confidence and humour.

Russia’s Forces fire towards OSCE monitors. 
I’ve often written about how in order to blame the Ukrainian army, Russia’s forces deliberately fire towards the OSCE. Well, it’s jolly nice to have Russia’s republics finally supplying the evidence proving this.

Today, the so-called Donetsk republic claimed on Sept 4th their soldiers fired and brought down a Ukrainian “attack drone” in the village of Pikuzy (formally Kominternove), near Mariupol. Below report states they downed it because the (imaginary) UAV was approaching OSCE monitors in the village.

They make no mention of any incoming Ukrainian fire. And provided no proof of the existence of any UAV. Note the article includes an “archive” image and not the one they claim to have downed. Doubt that little one could carry an apple, never mind a grenade.

OSCE fantasy
Donetsk republic report.

Meanwhile… the OSCE Spot report details a completely different incident.
They say an “uncountable” number of small arms shots were fired from about 100-200m away. They also mention at least one bullet impacted on the ground about 25m from their staff. With the OSCE monitors in the “north-eastern” rear of the village, this leaves no doubt that the firing originated from within the occupied village. OSCE go onto say, this intense firing was followed up by “12 bullets flying above their heads” and the sound of “two ricochets” landing close by.

Positioning soldiers around the largely abandoned village, it’s clear Russia’s forces laid a trap for the OSCE. This lethal Russian roulette game of firing on the OSCE is nothing new. This time it’s related to Russia’s on-going propaganda campaign of claiming Ukraine’s repeatedly firing at Pikuzy. Sept 1st Russia’s forces almost certainly shelled the OSCE near the village and now they’ve followed that up by firing bullets towards them. Can’t be too long before they kill another OSCE monitor.

OSCE fired on 1
Text from OSCE spot report.

map 3Map of Pikuzy (Kominternove).
Ukrainian army hold the nearby village of Vodyane. From the west facing side of Pikuzy, Ukraine’s front line positions are around 800m away.

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