Russia’s Propaganda Claims Ukraine’s Army UAV are Magic

It’s not widely known, but UAV used by the Ukrainian army are magic.
We know this because Russia’s propaganda keeps proving this to be true. Once shot down and captured, their UAV have a unique ability to repair themselves and then fly back to Ukrainian lines.

Jokes aside, here’s another case of Russia’s airborne fake news about the Ukrainian army. 2019 has seen a dramatic increase in Russia’s republics reporting Ukraine’s use of so-called “shock drones.” Rarely a day goes by without them claiming to have downed one carrying an explosive device. Their disinformation desire is to fool people into believing Ukraine’s sending wave after wave of drones to hunt down civilians and drop bombs on them. The main feature of this propaganda, is the repeated use of unrelated imagery.

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They even produce embarrassingly staged shoot down videos.

Seen above on Sept 29th, the so-called Donetsk people’s republic (DPR) claimed their soldiers had shot down a Ukrainian army “shock drone,” carrying “two improvised grenades.” The post was accompanied by a picture of a UAV, complete with Ukraine’s trident image and flag. Note this image was clicked on 2,900 times, meaning lots of people engaged with the article and the picture played a successful part in this disinformation scam. On Russian social media, “Inside Donetsk” post “official” DPR news. I’ve used Google Chrome to translate the post.

Meanwhile seen below, back in July & August 2019, Russian state media outlets Sputnik and RT (Russia Today) used the image to claim the “attack drone” was also downed by DPR soldiers. Neither article states this is an unrelated image, thereby leaving any reader with the impression it directly relates to the story.

done 1Sputnik Aug article.

drone fake 2RT Russia Today July article.

1120536856Original pic.

And another version of this image chicanery. 
Sept 26th, the DPR claimed they’ve downed the below UAV. Article details it was used to “adjust fire” for Ukrainian artillery. First thing you notice is how shiny and clean it looks, along with the absence of rotor blades. This is almost certainly one shot down before and they’ve simply cleaned off any old markings and detached all the rotor blades to disguise it. Note: They described it as a “Phantom drone.”UAV 4

Meanwhile seen below on Russian social media, in an attempt to engage with a wider audience, the DPR dramatically changed their story. Now the Phantom UAV was carrying a “grenade” and attempted to drop it on a “civilian vehicle.” Predictably, we don’t get any info on where this event took place or pictures/footage of its downing. The video is almost certainly another staged event and more so because conveniently there was no explosion. Note: The video accumulated 29,316 views. 

Both sides do indeed use UAV to scout, aid targeting of enemy positions and sometimes to drop small bombs on each others positions. Russia’s republics & Russia’s propaganda machine has never shown any credible evidence of Ukrainian UAV targeting civilians. And that’s because they don’t do it.

shock drones

uav 2

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