Front Line News – 3 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in 2 Days

Looks like Russia signed the Steinmeier Formula peace plan in invisible ink.
Over the last two days, increased firing by Russia’s forces has seen 3 Ukrainian soldiers killed and 6 wounded. Unsurprisingly, from OCT 1st when Russia and its Donetsk and Luhansk republics signed up to the new Ukraine peace initiative, Russia’s forces have simply carried on blasting away. I mean, who’d have thought that would happen? EVERYONE. 

Below are the 3 recently killed Ukrainian soldiers.
Due to widespread outrage at the death of the below female soldier, Russia’s propaganda machine looked to counter the negative publicity. Their answer was to concoct one of the most preposterous stories I’ve seen for sometime (see below). With the Kremlin ever keen to portray Ukraine as the sole aggressor, the death of Ukrainian soldiers presents a problem. To counter this, they typically invent stories of them having been blown up by their own mines or shot during some drunken argument. But when Russia’s forces kill a female soldier, they go that extra fake news mile (kilometer).

Oct 15th: 36-year-old Yaroslav Nikonenko was killed by a sniper’s bullet.
She served on the General Staff in the 101st Brigade. Yaroslav has a 13-year-old daughter. In 2015, her father Sergiy Nikonenko was killed by Russia’s forces artillery.
BBC Ukraine article about her death.

Oct 15th Private Yuriy Gromovych was also killed by sniper fire.
A 36-year-old father, he served in the 92nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

Stepan Boika, a Ukrainian naval infantryman with the 36th Marine Brigade.
Killed Oct 16th, he died on the Mariupol city front, on the shores of the Azov Sea.

Propaganda 2

The above is Russia’s so-called Donetsk people’s republic news about the death of Yaroslav. They boldly claim she was murdered by her “jealous boyfriend.” Despite stating they have a source backing up their far-fetched story, they decided not to enlighten us as to where they got their “known details” from. As might be expected, no one else on planet earth reported on this “Out of Jealousy” story.

And that’s because the “known details” were made up by a dumb fuck Russian, propaganda monkey.    

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