Russia’s Propaganda & Fake Ukrainian Losses

How Russia Spreads its Fake News about Ukrainian army losses.
For the Kremlin, the downside in having its forces in eastern Ukraine continuing to blast away with gay abandon, is they keep killing and injuring people. Now you may think that’s the whole point, but it’s merely a inconvenient by-product of its occupation. Along with a desire to portray the Ukrainian army as incompetent and out of control, Russia’s foremost propaganda line is – Ukraine’s the aggressor, not Russia’s sham republics.

So, needing to show its forces as long-suffering angels who’ve never fired a shot in anger over the last 4 to 5 years, Russia’s propaganda keeps inventing stories to account for Ukrainian combat losses. These fabricated articles are then promoted by Russian state media and Russia’s army of trolls and useful idiots.

The below are a few recent examples.

ammo 3

Oct 17th: (Above), the Donetsk people’s republic (DPR) claimed 3 Ukrainian soldiers killed and 2 wounded by “blasts on their own mines.” Reporting deaths due to mine explosions is a fake news favorite. As seen above, they usually claim a “newly arrived” Ukrainian army unit took over a position and because they didn’t know where the mines were laid, soldiers got blown up. The fact the front lines been static and heavily entrenched for the best part of 5 years and mines are laid well in front of defensive positions, doesn’t seem to matter. Link to DPR website.

Never any Evidence.
Russia’s republics always write masses of extremely detailed info on alleged incidents – “During the evacuation of the bodies there was a second explosion which killed one soldier and injured two.”… but NEVER publish any verifiable evidence. No video footage, related imagery, no links to Ukrainian army reports, media reports or social media posts. And NEVER give any insight into how they obtained their info.

Everyday the Ukrainian army lists its casualties. In Ukraine, the death of a soldier is a big deal. Pictures and info on who they are & how they died always attract widespread media & social media coverage (inc from me). In addition, their large funeral processions & well attended burials attract substantial coverage. The on-going deaths and injuries of large numbers of soldiers due to avoidable accidents, would definitely attract extensive Ukrainian and international media attention. Ukraine’s military losses are reported on the Defence Ministry website & Face Book.

Unrelated Imagery.
Again, using above example, alleged losses are frequently backed up with unrelated images. In this case, the big explosion picture, dates back to at least Nov 2018. Note the DPR article doesn’t say it’s unrelated, so people will assume it’s related to the content.

ammo 2

Reporting on events in occupied Donetsk region, the above web page details an incident from Nov 22nd 2018. Using the same explosion picture, it’s linked to a controlled ammo explosion near the Ukrainian border town of Torez. That’s 11 months ago and 80km away from the village of Starohnativka, mentioned in DPR article.
Link to above article.

Love how they blame Ukraine for having left some ammo behind in 2014 and not the fact Russia has one gigantic military training base at Torez, where over the last 5 years, they’ve probably fired off hundreds of thousands of shells.

Below are a couple more examples. 
Oct 12th: Six dead due to fight between “Special Forces and nationalists.” With the incident listed as near Petrivske, if this genuinely happened, it would have attracted huge, media attention. Petrivske is one of the two proposed areas where both Ukrainian and Russia’s forces have planned to withdraw back from. Part of the Steinmeier Formula peace plan, the controversial decision by Ukraine to agree to a withdrawal has seen extensive world-wide media coverage. So safe to say, if a mass shootout involving Ukrainian soldiers & civilians had really taken place, it would have made front page news all around the globe.

fake news 7

Oct 13th: (below) More Ukrainian soldiers injured by their own mines. 
This time the DPR claim because a new unit didn’t “manage to get minefield maps,” so a “truck blew up.” Again NO verifiable evidence, but lots of bla, bla, detail.

fake news 15



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