Scars of Russia’s War in Ukraine: Donetsk City Bus Terminal

This is the first of my posts using the new Category – Scars of Russia’s War in Ukraine. Using it, I’ll be posting on buildings and villages, which have been damaged and destroyed since Russia’s 2014 invasion of eastern Ukraine.

Zakhidnyi Bus Terminal.
With the war having dragged on for 5 years, tragedy in one form or another is an everyday occurrence in eastern Ukraine. This tragedy is amplified by seeing places where once people gathered together, reduced to silent, rubble.

Seen here, the terminal with its sleek, modern, industrial design was operational until July 2014. After that, with increasing fighting in the surrounding area and nearby Donetsk city airport, it found itself too close to the front line.

Just 2km down the road (on the right in below picture), is the Ukraine held village of Pisky. Due to mass Russian shelling in 2014/15, the bulk of its several thousand residents were forced to flee. Today, just a handful of elderly people struggle to live amongst the shattered ruins.

DiOYcGCXUAANwJNLooking towards Pisky, an earlier picture of the abandoned terminal.

The below pictures are current and posted this week by Russia’s so-called Donetsk people’s republic. Matching them with the above picture, we can see the metal around the edge of the buildings roofs and covered walkway on their left look to have been looted, probably for scrap metal. With no obvious signs of battle damage, natural decay, vandalism and looting appear to be responsible for the bulk of the damage. 


R9pOCman5CYLike all such abandoned structures, nature is slowly reclaiming the terminal.



JPXGKND0ZRIChildren playing on the remains of the rounded main terminal building, seen below on the right.

Map 1Close up of the terminal. The blocks of flats seen behind the children in the prev picture, can be seen on the right.

ZP9kXCMUs5k 1Location map. The village of Pisky and the airport can be seen.

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