News Roundup & more Lame Russian Propaganda

Morning all.
Here’s a few bits of news.

Bridge Crossing at Stanytsia Luhanska.
As the below video screen grab shows, today the building work is progressing. As you can see, the base for the walkway across the damaged bridge section is now in place. It’s just wide enough for a flow of people to use both sides to pass back and forth across it. Whilst this work is undertaken, people are using the temp bridge seen on the left.

Since construction started, it has been amusing to watch Russia’s puppet Luhansk republic putting out videos trying to ridicule the progress of the work and at the same time, falsely hinting it’s them doing all the building. Ukraine hopes construction will be complete in Nov, before the worst of the harsh winter weather kicks in.
Live YouTube video link showing the building work.

bridge 8

Russian Hypocrite Alert.
Nov 1st, Russia’s OSCE Twitter account lived up to its reputation of being nothing more than a laughable, fake news outlet. Here it rails against NATO countries which it claims is sending “weaponry” into eastern Ukraine; to be used “against civilians.”

That’s Russia… who since 2014 has sent thousands of tanks, artillery, armoured vehicles, transport trucks, which have all helped kill and wound thousands of civilian men, women and children. So I suggest Russia shoves its drone rhetoric where the sun don’t shine and Putin can go swivel.

Russia 1
Meanwhile in occupied Donetsk, there’s a whole lot of shaking going on.
Russia’s Donetsk puppet republic (DPR), reports the concerns of people living in the large town of Makiivka. Located opposite Donetsk city, residents there have reported tremors, “similar to earthquakes.” The DPR have duly dismissed their concerns, presumably because the tremors are actually caused by lots of Russian tanks driving through Makiivka. Love how they claim to have a “scientist” in Donetsk.

Earth Quake

Russia’s Photo Propaganda.
In occupied Ukraine, one of the main strands of Russia’s propaganda is claiming the region is a hive of industry, That there’re jobs a plenty and the pot-holed roads are paved in gold. This disinformation effort is amply illustrated by the below post.

Oct 26th, on Russian social media, the “DPR” account claimed new work was taking place at the Starobeshhevska power plant (near Donetsk). To back up this unproven claim of a fully operational power station and importantly to get more views/shares etc, they used an attention grabbing June 2013 picture. That’s from a time before the conflict & the creation of the “DPR.” Adding to this picture propaganda, in reply to a comment suggesting the picture was created using Photoshop, they boldly claimed the photographer used “a big shutter speed.” 

fake 2
The DPR post. Yellow square highlights the DPR reply.

fake 1
The 2013 – Romantic Industrial photo.

fake 3
May 2018 Google Earth image of the power station.


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