Field Fakery: Russia’s “Donetsk Republic” use Russian Field Pic

As part of their land of plenty propaganda, Russia’s republics keep claiming record harvests and ever upwards increases in production for this and that. Nov 6th was no exception and saw yet another bold, agricultural claim.

Russia’s Donetsk puppet republic reported “Farmers in the DPR exceeded the plan for sowing winter crops. Fields of the Republic are sown by 105.9%. Hinting at even higher numbers to come, they added – the sowing is not over yet.”  

Wanting to back up this alleged planting feat with a suitable picture, they thought it best to use one from Sept 2018 showing a field in Voronezh Russia. Maybe all the farmers were just too busy “exceeding” stuff to take a pic of a real DPR field?

Now, if this use of unrelated pics was the occasional one-off, you could dismiss it as a needs must find a pic for a post. However, their constant publishing of misleading, unrelated pictures calls into question the reliability of much of what Russia’s republics report.

crop 2

crop 1
The 2018 picture as seen in the Russian Agricultural Portal.


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