In Ukraine, it’s Hard to Hide Russian Tanks in Winter

Tanks are big. Tanks are hide to hide.
For Russia’s forces in Ukraine, hiding their hardware along the front line isn’t easy. This is especially true down on the south coast on the Mariupol front line. With few large industrial buildings where tanks and artillery could be hidden from view, Ukraine’s woods and field boundaries are the next best thing.

I say next best, but as the below March 2018 satellite images show, without foliage on the trees, tanks tend to stand out. As do the well used tank and vehicle tracks leading from such hiding places.

Below pictures show 28 Russian tanks. All breach the Minsk agreement which limits such hardware positioned within 50km of the front line.

In the Donetsk region and both very close to the Russian border.
15km from the front line, 20 tanks are stationed at the large military base at Svobodne – Coordinates: 47 23 31.51 N 38 4 25.61 E.

24km from front line, at least 8 are located at the nearby sm base at Rozy Lyuksemburh – Coordinates: 47 10 58.24 N 38 7 34.88 E. 

tanks 420 tanks at Svobodne positioned along the tree line.

tanks 5Close up of the tanks. Two on the left are covered over.

tanks 6The 8 tanks at Rozy Lyuksemburh.

tanks 1With more tree cover, this later May 2018 image shows the same area.

tanks 3This wider shot of Rozy Lyuksemburh shows more hardware with the tanks. 

tanks 7Location of two bases. 

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