Russia’s Forces in Ukraine Show Off their Combat Engineer Vehicles

In Ukraine, Russia’s puppet republics are keen as Russian mustard to say look, we have modern, fully equipped armies. This enthusiasm involves posting lots of YouTube videos featuring an impressive array of Russian army hardware.

This week saw the “Donetsk republic” (DPR) show off a BAT-2 Russian made, Combat engineer vehicle and a Wheeled vehicle-launched bridge. As the below OSCE image shows and more recent satellite imagery confirms, both the so-called Donetsk & Luhansk republics magically acquired large numbers of this mammoth sized hardware.

To the best of my knowledge, apart from one ancient 20 year old Ukrainian vehicle which was inoperable and about to be scrapped, there’s no evidence of the “separatists” having ever captured any Ukrainian combat engineer vehicles. And taking into consideration the impressive size of this kit, you’d think someone would have taken a few photos or filmed their capture, not least Russian state media. Back in 2014/15, soldiers, Russian state media & a whole host of Russia’s useful idiots were equally keen as mustard to film/photo every captured piece of Ukrainian hardware.

OSCE Sept 2017: Russia’s forces base at Myrne in Luhansk region. 
Mine clearance, armoured engineer and trench digging vehicles.

Below screen grabs taken from Nov 6th DPR video.

equip 3

equip 1

equip 2

equip 4

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