Inevitably: Russia’s Forces in Ukraine Break Petrivske Withdrawal Ceasefire

If bookies would take bets on the actions of Russia’s forces in Ukraine, I’d be a multimillionaire by now. So it comes as no great surprise, that yesterday they tried to disrupt the day old local ceasefire at Petrivske.

Saturday Nov 9th, both sides agreed to withdraw forces from around the occupied village of Petrivske. Located 33km south of the occupied city of Donetsk, this entailed Ukrainian forces pulling back 1km from Petrivske and Russia’s forces doing likewise. All was going well, with as seen below, the OSCE in the area monitoring the withdrawal.

5dc8342185f5407a9b457ed5Ukrainian armoured vehicle pulling back. 

Unfortunately, close to the disengagement area, on Sunday Nov 10th, Russia’s forces were reported as firing 2 hand held anti-tank rockets at a Ukrainian army truck. Four Ukrainian soldiers were reported wounded in the incident, but thankfully none suffered life threatening injuries. I’ve marked what appears to be the location of the stricken truck on the below map (red square). Just outside the village of Bohdanivka, it was driving towards the town of Novohnativka.

map 1Note location of lake (dark area) to the north of Bohdanivka.


As the photo above shows, the main damage looks to be on the passenger side of the vehicle. The lack of substantial damage and burn marks on the ground (on right), may indicate the rockets hit the ground first and truck was then hit by subsequent explosion. This suggests the firing took place from the high ground around the lake. There’s little doubt this was a planned provocation operation, with Russia’s forces soldiers having advanced, presumably overnight to a suitably close, firing position.
Truck pics and more info via Censor.netUA media.

Map 2Truck position marked in red. The ridge seen in the photos beyond the truck is marked in blue. Yellow marks what appears to be the hut building seen in last truck pic below.


oos_vechirneThe hut seen beyond the trucks bonnet. We can also see damage to the wood planking and canvas cover.

And finally.
If we needed any more proof that Russia’s forces fired the shots, we have this.
As seen below, Nov 10th, Russia’s Donetsk puppet republic was quick off the mark to report the incident. Somewhat incriminating themselves, they didn’t at any point deny their forces fired the rockets. If you’re innocent, denying responsibility for something is surly the first thing you’d make clear… isn’t it?

Instead, they predictably jump right in and blamed Ukraine’s so-called “right sector.” Despite the fact that if true, the attack would become a major news story, they failed to provide one scrap of evidence backing up their ridiculous claim. Yet, somehow they know the truck was hit by two rockets and the exact location.

So it seems this was nothing more than another planned, Russian, provocation attack. As we’ve seen time and again, it was carried out to feed into the Kremlin’s fake news narrative of Ukraine’s Azov battalion and “right sector” groups out of control on the front line. At the very least, they probably hoped Ukrainian army would return fire & so Russia could shout – look Ukraine’s broken the ceasefire.

evidence 1
Right, I’m off to find a bookies who’ll take bets on the actions of Russia’s forces in Ukraine. Wish me luck. 

Written by Glasnost Gone

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