Russia’s Rubbish Propaganda – Inside Occupied Ukraine

Meanwhile inside occupied eastern Ukraine…
First up is rubbish. A lot of rubbish. As I’ve previously reported, Russia’s sham Donetsk people’s republic (DPR) has a problem with the collection of rubbish. Almost certainly due to corruption, the company responsible for collecting it suddenly hadn’t any serviceable garbage trucks and subsequently, masses of waste started pilling up in the streets. It should be pointed out when Russia’s shame republics were created, all large companies there were made state-owned. As we see in Russia, this has meant corruption and malpractice is rife.

As seen above, there’s now an on-going effort to say all’s well and the streets smell of roses, not rubbish. Nov 6th on Russian social media, the DPR claimed in 2019, “1,739 garbage dumps have been eliminated.” An impressive number indeed. Rather less impressive is the DPR having – opted to limit comments for this post (yellow square). One can only assume they feared people would dispute the alleged mass clearing and instead highlight the many “garbage dumps” still left uncleared.

Safe to say, the 1,739 is yet another fake news number plucked from thin air. This hypothesis is backed up by them having chosen to use a 2016 picture taken from Krasnodar in Russia. As seen below, the article (translated using Google Chrome) deals with clearing of  “waste arranged in the fields outside” the city. Article link.

rubbish 2

Next, we have crops.
Another supposed good news story is, the planting of crops. Get yourself on Google Earth and you’ll see much of the land in eastern Ukraine is taken up by farming, notably agriculture. Nov 16th the DPR posted on the progress of “winter crops” in Russia’s Luhansk people’s republic (LPR). As you might expect, all’s well with yet more impressive numbers. But, the Russian sums don’t add up.
crops 3

They claim “the total area of winter crops sown this year is 3.5% more than last year.” So far so good. But they go onto say, Seedlings were obtained (started growing) on “94% of the sown area, of which 32% are in good condition, 50% in satisfactory condition, and no dead crops.” Now I’m not great at maths, but… 32 + 50 = 82, not 94. So what condition is the missing 12%?

Again, this looks to be nothing more planted fake news (pun intended). Not helped by them using the ShutterStock image as seen below. Link to picture.

crops 2

Lastly, we have fuel prices.
Not much to say here, other than occupied Ukraine relies solely on fuel brought in from Russia. This means there’s no competition and it’s a seller’s market. The below Nov 15th DPR post, indicates prices are rising.



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