In Occupied Ukraine – Frankenstein Chickens on the Menu

Buses, chickens and the Internet.
A few snippets of news from inside occupied eastern Ukraine.

First up is a rather worrying post about chickens.
Nov 22nd on Russian social media, Russia’s sham Donetsk people’s republic (DPR) boasted about a “new type of chicken.” One that is “strong & fast-growing & allows you to get carcasses of 2.14kg in just 42 days.” (Average accepted weight of a large chicken is 2km). Now, we all know Russia’s republics haven’t been beavering away inside a Frankenstein laboratory, working on a fantastical formula to make animal life age faster and naturally grow fatter. The exact opposite of the elixir of life. Instead, they’ll simply pump the chicken carcasses full of water and dodgy substances. So more Botox than broiler.

chickensGoogle Chrome translated post.

chickens 1Russian version of the post.

Next we move onto buses.
Russia’s fake bus news is like the old English saying – You wait ages for a bus, then two come at once. This years seen Russia (Russian tax payers) send a good many new ambulances, tractors, combine harvesters and even snow ploughs into the occupied territories. Now it appears Russia’s sent a few buses. In doing so, it’s another good indication Russia’s republics don’t have dime to pay for anything.

Nov 20th, the official DPR website reported on “the renewal of the bus fleet” in Makiivka, a large town next to the occupied city of Donetsk. We get a hazy photo of 15 buses, with the article specifying the head of the city administrationdid not specify the number of new units” (buses). So it’s actually unclear if these are genuinely new buses, or just old ones which will get new logos with “landscapes of Makiivka” on them. (I’ve used Makiivka spelling as per Google Earth).

buses 2

Meanwhile on Russian social media…
Ever keen to impress the downtrodden masses, the below Nov 21st DPR account DID specify the number of new buses. Again using the 15 bus picture, the post claims “100 new buses have been brought to Makiivka.” Note they’ve posted what the official DPR website reported, but for propaganda purposes they decided to ludicrously exaggerate the numbers. If you feel the need to lie about buses, then you’re clearly prepared to lie about anything & everything.

buses 3Google Chrome translated post.

buses 4Russian version of the post.

Lastly, the Internet.
This Nov 22nd post reveals just how vulnerable the internet connection is in the occupied territories. It states an “accident in the Rostov Region” (in Russia) caused “problems with the internet speed in the DPR.” Solely dependent on Russia for the internet, major accidents or the Kremlin inside Russia blocking access for internal repression reasons, would potentially have a huge impact within the DPR & LPR. More importantly, it would greatly impair the efficiency of Russia’s forces operating in eastern Ukraine. (LPR – Russia’s Luhansk puppet republic).




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