Oops: Russia’s Propaganda in Occupied Ukraine Steals Pictures of Children

Are there no happy children in occupied Ukraine?
In another classic example of how Russia’s, churn it out propaganda operates, occupied Ukraine’s resorted to stealing images of children from other countries. Keen to celebrate five years of existence, Russia’s so-called Donetsk people’s republic has been wasting Russian taxpayers’ money by erecting giant billboards.  


The billboards show pictures of smiling, happy young children who they claim were born there five years ago. The only downside being, they weren’t. The little chap seen above is actually from Melbourne Australia and features in an advert for the Mornington Hotel kids playground. 


As seen below, nothing says I was born in Russia controlled Ukraine like a “cute” little boy playing with a train set. Except this one is a stock image, used for advertising. I guess it’s more natural for them to steal pictures of children from the internet than to go outside and find some real ones.


billboard poster

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