Russia-led Republics in Ukraine Admit Responsibility for Most of the Firing

I’ve Done the Maths Putin.
Now, we all know Russia-led forces in eastern Ukraine instigate most of the firing. We all know this firing & periodical upsurges in fighting is Putin’s plan to keep the conflict ticking over, to stop any lasting peace. That said, it’s always good to get confirmation of Putin’s stained in blood plan.

Feb 21st, on their website, Russia’s puppet “Luhansk people’s republic” (LPR) published the below report. “Kyiv forces fire more than 200 rounds at LPR over (this) week.” 

firing 1
Meanwhile, reporting on the upsurge in firing for just Feb 18th, the OSCE observed “more than 2,500 explosions in the Luhansk region.” Using LPR terminology, that’s more than 2,500 “rounds of ammunition” fired. OSCE report.

As detailed in their daily OSCE reports, we can add several hundred more explosions to this week’s total. Grenade launchers and anti-tank rockets cause some, but many explosions are attributable to artillery and mortar fire. To counter firing by Russia-led forces, the Ukrainian army does indeed fire back. The constant stream of cannon fodder Russia-led soldiers reported killed and taken back to the motherland are a testament to that.

So, based on the official LPR assessment of limited firing by the Ukrainian army, it’s clear Russia-led forces are responsible for most of it and the vast majority of the explosions. Because 2,500 – 200 = 2,300.

OSCE graph details ceasefire violations & explosions totals for Tue Feb 18th.
Ceasefire violations predominantly relate to incidents of firing. A limited number also refer to sightings of military hardware such as tanks and heavy artillery seen on and near the front line and military hardware/troops observed close to civilian property. 
new stats 25
Below OSCE report for Feb 18th firing incidents in the Luhansk region.
States firing went on for about six hours, with more than 2,500 explosions.
new stats 34

Taken by the Ukrainian army,
the below pictures show a cemetery outside Ukraine held town of Popasna. Located next to the Zolote disengagement area, it was hit by shell fire on Feb 18th. The below OSCE report confirms shells, including those fired by artillery struck it, and a nearby Ukrainian military position.

The report also details the alarming incident of explosions having occurred inside the Donetsk water treatment station. Located on the outskirts of the occupied city of Donetsk, should the chlorine warehouse be damaged and the large volume of chlorine stored there leak out, this could cause an environmental disaster. It’s a safe bet, Russia-led forces fire at it, something they have done stats 39




In early reporting on firing during Feb 18th, OSCE reported the shelling of Ukrainian held territory near the Zolote disengagement area. 71 shell craters were observed, some from artillery.

And lastly, in case anyone is wondering, the Minsk agreement allows for armoured combat vehicles and armoured fighting vehicles to be on the front line, and both sides position them along it. It’s tanks, heavy artillery & heavy mortars which are banned.
Such a pity Russia-forces in Ukraine appear to have lost their copy of the Minsk agreement?

new stats 40

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