In Russian Occupied Ukraine, Doctors are Expected to Work for Free

Feb 19th, Inside Donetsk, reported: “salary arrears” of doctors in the Russia-led republic of Donetsk was due to be paid. These wage arrears are by no means a one-off. Medical staff, miners, and public sector workers have all had to wait long periods for their wage arrears—everyone except the tens of thousands of soldiers in eastern Ukraine. For Russia, the military in eastern Ukraine are the priority, not those saving the lives of the civilians.

With not knowing whether you’ll get paid from one month to the next, it’s not hard to imagine the dilapidated state of hospitals and the poor morale of medical staff. No doubt many doctors and medical staff have left occupied eastern Ukraine to work elsewhere.
On Russian social media, Inside Donetsk report the official news of the Russia-led Donetsk republic.


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