My Latest Video: How Russia Shelled Ukraine Across the Border

Those of us who continuously scan satellite imagery, searching out the evil doings of Russia’s forces, it’s easy to spot the firing locations of Multiple Launch Rockets systems (MLRS) and other artillery. This due to such weapons leaving distinctive marks on the ground.

However, for those new to viewing the conflict, it’s not so easy. Enter my latest video. Posted March 2nd, it’s a guide on how to spot the markings on the ground left by the firing of MLRS & towed artillery. What makes the video all the more interesting, it details the locations where Russian artillery fired across the border into Ukraine. This is firing during 2014 when Russia was out to capture Ukraine’s eastern border and border crossings. I’ve added the coordinates of artillery positions, so you can check them out yourself.

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Russian grad rockets firing in UkraineStill from the video showing how the hot air back-draft from the firing of MLRS rockets, burns the scrub and crop stubble, leaving behind a long, scorch mark. These are Russia-led forces in Ukraine practice firing their Russian army MLRS, more commonly known as Grad Rockets. If you want know more about the above MLRS, including where they’re hidden, then please watch my > video on them.

My video.


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