Two Ukrainian Civilians Injured by Russia-led Forces

Russian lead is still heading west and still hitting Europeans.
In eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian and Russia-led forces are hunkered down cheek by jowl along a 500km front line. Often, separated by just a few hundred metres, many towns and villages make up the contact line. So, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that if you fire towards one of those towns and villages, you stand a good chance of hitting someone. And in eastern Ukraine, you stand a good chance of hitting an adult over sixty, as elderly people make up a large percentage of the population.

April 4th: In the village of Verkhnotoretske, close to the occupied city of Donetsk, shrapnel from a grenade launcher shell hit the woman seen below in the leg. After medical assistance by the Ukrainian army, she was taken to hospital for treatment.
Media report on incident.



April 7th: The woman seen below also suffered a light wound to her leg due to shelling. The lady lives in the town of Marinka, this time located right opposite the Russia-led occupied city of Donetsk. Here both sides are separated by a small strip of land.
Fortunately, she was not severely injured.
Military report on incident.


Marinka 3Ukraine held Marinka is seen on the bottom left. Everything on the right is held by Russia-led forces.

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