Ukraine’s 4-legged Forces Have Been Through a Lot

The conflict in eastern Ukraine is fundamentally a static war, one where the 500km front line has remained mostly unchanged since 2015. With both sides dug in, troops have brought pets to the front line & also adopted cats, dogs and a variety of animals. One Ukrainian unit even had two young wild boar as the company mascots. Best friends and companions, just as pets bring pleasure to us at home, for soldiers, they help ease the burden of Ukraine’s bloody six-year war. Unfortunately, as the header pic shows, animals and pets are no less vulnerable to Russian shells and the horrors of war.

dog 3

Introducing Nastya. One very brave pooch, she’s the mascot for a Ukrainian Mountain-assault battalion. Having served on the front line for three years, she was once severely injured. Back in the conflict zone, she’s again helping hold the line. We wish the four-legged warrior well. The video below tells her remarkable story.

dog 1

dog 2

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