We Need Cheering Up: Looking back at some Classic Russian Propaganda Fails

In these troubled times, we all need a little light relief from our global troubles. So, now is a perfect opportunity to look back at some of my Russian propaganda favorite fails. 

First up is Twitter in Sept 2018:
This useful idiot posted another fake report about Ukrainian deserters, a routine Russian propaganda refrain. So far, so good. Where it all went wrong was the image he used to attract attention to his tweet. Having cropped an iconic, Vietnam War photo, he diligently transformed the US army pilot into a Ukrainian soldier, who in the original 1962 pic was running away from his burning helicopter. Picture the scene of the useful idiot thinking, hmm… not bad.

Where it all went wrong, was leaving the entire background black and white.

fake news 333

fake news 4



Next up, this one came courtesy of the Japanese Army.
Back in 2017, News Front based in Moscow posted a colourful, eye-catching picture. Under the heading – Donetsk under fire as Nazis attack Kyiv forces, it’s a typical, lazy headline, all part of the Kremlin’s desire to label Ukraine as full of Nazi’s. Naturally, to give this lame propaganda some traction, they needed to catch the viewers attention. Hence, the use of a 2012 image featuring Japanese self-defence forces on night manoeuvres near Tokyo.

Nazi propaganda 2

Nazi propaganda 4


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