Inside Russian Occupied Ukraine: Fraud, Organised Crime, Embezzlement & Dumped Mercury

Russian occupied Ukraine is mirroring Putin’s Russia.
Russia’s sham republics in eastern Ukraine keep telling us they want to be part of Russia. Well, they’re already getting into the Russian spirit, as corruption within them appears to be rife.

Regular reports from occupied Ukraine speak about the arrest of senior “officials” in occupied Donetsk for fraudulent activity. The karma irony of this being, they’re stealing Russian money, which Putin’s forced to send into occupied Ukraine to keeps things running, having first stolen it from Russian taxpayers.

As the below official website articles show, heads of the Power company “Energy of Donbass” have “seized large amounts of (company) money.” The former Transport head was involved in an elaborate tax scam as part of an “organised crime group.” And earlier in the year, senior officials were involved in the “embezzlement of coal.”

The knock-on effect of this on-going high level corruption is a chronic lack of investment in the crumbling infrastructure in occupied eastern Ukraine. Everything within it is “state-run,” which means as we’ve seen in Russia, those running things have the gifted opportunity to steal vast amounts of money. The opportunity for widespread corruption inside Russia’s republics is due to the lack of oversight. The Russian army controls the military & Russia mostly leaves the running of civil society to a ragtag cabal of subservient individuals, with the heads of the republics chosen by Russia.

Adding a little variety to this litany of lawlessness woe, on April 13th, someone thought it best to dump 3 kilograms of Mercury in a field.

new stats 104
April 13th: Report on arrest of Energy officials.

new stats 105
April 13th: Report on dumping of Mercury. 

new stats 1014
April 6th: Report on “organised criminal group” involved in “stealing state funds & fake tax accounting.”

new stats 115
March 21st: Senior officials involved in profiting from the theft of coal from a state-run mine.

Note: I’ve used Google Chrome to translate the web pages from Russian.


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